Here's a Quick Video Recipe of the Moroccan chickpea and vegetables!!!

I'd wanted to post this recipe over the weekend but last weekend was quite a busy one for me. Loads of errands to attend to and get ready for the new working week. Due to my tight schedules, the weekend went so fast that I didn't realize when my alarm woke me up on a Monday morning :D

But I like it this way especially when I am busy as it makes life less boring for me. I dislike staying idle! Yes I do ~ ~ ~ I don't know about you though. I am of the notion that "an idle being is a boring being"!  Before I go off track, let me quickly share this Moroccan chickpea and vegetables recipe with you.

One thing I love about this lunch idea is that it combines most of my all time favourite ingredients namely; chickpeas (garbanzo beans), aubergine, tomatoes, spring onions, hot pepper, sweet yellow pepper, onions, paprika, knorr cube, olive oil and salt. Interestingly, these ingredients rightly paired together to yield a delicious, drooling and super healthy meal, which I suppose no one will dislike.

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This Moroccan chickpea and vegetables dish is an amazing option to prepare for the entire family or friends. It can be served as a main meal or served as a side dish paired with other main meals of choice. In fact I paired mine with fried rice dish and pasta dish and the both ideas were just phenomenal.

Moreover, you can prepare it in large quantity ahead of the week and then heat it up any time for a quick lunch or dinner. It is the type of dish you can prepare with assorted veggies of choice and I have no doubt the outcome will still be superb.

Just a few steps for this Moroccan chickpea and vegetables recipe;

(a) Soak the chickpeas overnight in clean water.

(b) Wash the chickpeas and cook until tender.

(c) Bring down the cooked chickpeas from heat, drain water and set aside.

(d) Blend the peppers.

(e) Saute the onions and peppers.

(f) Add the other vegetables listed in the ingredients section then fry together until done.

(g) Combine the sauce and the cooked chickpeas.

(h) Bring down from heat and serve warm.

While none of these steps are tedious, the only part that takes a little bit of time is getting the chickpeas ready especially in the aspect of softening them and making them more edible/enjoyable. However soaking and cooking the chickpeas can be done well ahead of time to make it easier for you to fix the dish any time you want. So go ahead and get the chickpeas ready, store them in the freezer and pull them out any time you want especially when you don't have enough time or the intention to cook up some dried chickpeas.

moroccan chickpea and vegetables-2

But whichever way you want to go about this, don't skip the vegetables sauce! Cos this is the perfect tasty accompaniment to complement your chickpeas for taste/flavour boost. Just take a few extra minutes and fry up the vegetables together before mixing the sauce together with the cooked chickpeas. So if you have all the necessary ingredients for this recipe, I'd recommend you go for it. But you can even tweak the recipe and add as many vegetables you like or use any spices, sauce or oil of choice.

For the spices, I just added in some paprika to boost the colour and then knorr cube and salt to boost the taste. I don't like clustering the taste with assorted spices and my taste-bud is quite happy with my decision. But I am not discouraging you from adding as many spices as you want. However, I strongly recommend you pick your favourites and add the right amount to complement the quantity of the chickpeas.

moroccan chickpea and vegetables-3

I've made this Moroccan chickpea and vegetables dish a couple of times now and I do look forward to making more of it. It is super healthy and delicious enough to get my body and mouth super excited each time the meal passes down my stomach through my mouth.

I encourage you to give this recipe a go and you will be happy you did. Enjoy!

XoXo Blessing


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