5-A-Day connotes a series of programs introduced in countries like  USA & Europe to encourage the daily consumption of at least five portions of fruit & vegetables, following a World Health Organisation recommendation. According to researchers, diet very rich in fruit and vegetables is highly recommended for every individual as it aids in reducing the risk of various chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke and some kinds of cancer (Farhadi et., al. 2014).

Even though it is widely accepted that eating adequate amount of fruit and vegetables (FVs) greatly lowers the risk of developing  diseases, it is presently observed that many adults pay less attention to the health benefits of FVs far  below the Department of Health’s recommended  five portions a day. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that every adult consume at least 400 g of Fruits & Veggies a day however this excludes potatoes and other starchy tubers (Ungar et., al. (2013).  5 A DAY programme aims to facilitate and enlighten people on the importance of daily intake of Fruits & Vegetables however, very little has been  known on how well this strategy has been widely adopted by adults.

World Health Organisation is promoting the awareness for increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in daily food intake of individuals all over the world. Almost all fruit and vegetables count towards 5 A DAY, making it easier for people to obtain the recommended daily intake. Fruit and vegetables do not necessarily need to be fresh to be regarded as a portion, neither do they have to be consumed alone to account for 5-a-day rather they  can still count even if they form part of a meal. 

Fruit and vegetables are low in fat and calories especially when not roasted or fried in oil thus consuming them aids  an individual to maintain a healthy weight. Fruit and vegetables are a rich source of  minerals, vitamins, potassium, folate and fibre which aids to maintain a healthy gut thereby  preventing constipation, bowel cancer and food indigestion.

According to NHS UK, fruit and vegetables form part of a balanced diet which tend to help human beings remain healthy hence highly recommended to get adequate amount of them. The 5 A DAY message supports the health benefits of obtaining  five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables each day which is simply  five portions of fruit and vegetables in total and not necessarily five portions of each a day.

It is noteworthy that fruit & vegetables can be consumed in many ways such as smoothies, juices or cuisines. It can be easily processed into smoothie  using this product 

Simply Enjoy Your Fruit & Veggies and  remain healthy!!!


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