Beckoning on Summer to Kick in!

I grill quite a lot in summer and maybe you too. Even though full summer is not here yet, this grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs are my humble way of beckoning on summer to kick in asap. Though I am enjoying spring, with a little bit of cold every now and then, I just want summer.

While I enjoyed every bit of these kabobs, I must give you the assurance that they were pretty easy to make and yet super delicious. So if peradventure you are searching for something simple to grill, then search no further cos you are on the right page.

I love grilling especially when the sun is out ~ ~ ~

I can grill virtually everything ranging from chicken, turkey, beef, fish, vegetables, fruits etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....... But notwithstanding, my all time favourite thing to grill is turkey. I can't just figure out what it is about the turkey meat that turns me on. Could it be its flavourful aroma, pervasive smell, distinctive taste or its soft texture? I am yet to pinpoint the actual feature of turkey meat that really captivates me but till then, let me continue enjoying every bit of this yummiliciiouusss white healthy meat.

Here's a Quick Video of Grilled Turkey and Vegetable Kabobs Recipe!!!

The fragrance of these grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs were so penetrating while they were still in the oven that I wanted to stop everything I was doing right then to start feasting on them. Even while I was taking the photos, I was very very very very very close to pinching on them first before taking the shots. But that's the price I've always paid and will continue to pay for being a food blogger.

Yessss, because I can never give myself that pleasure of eating my tempting dishes not until my camera has satisfactorily feasted on them first. So my camera tastes and enjoys my food first before giving me the privilege to follow suit.

No complaints!
BTW, this is what I have signed up for and I am quite happy about it.

grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs

Grilling these kabobs was very easy as I started off by washing the turkey, cutting the vegetables as desired then throwing them all together in a bowl with few ingredients for an amazing outcome.

There are several vegetables for use and you are free to choose your combination of vegetables. Moreover, you are free to choose whatever sauce or marinade you desire but just endeavour to use the right proportions. So if Yoshida's premium sauce or honey is not at your beck and call, then go ahead and use whatever marinade you have. After all, what we are interested in is adopting an easy recipe for an outstanding dish that allows you with enough options.

This grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs recipe is a no brainer and I think you can easily give it a shot. In my opinion, it is definitely worth a try! If you have never tried turkey kabobs before, I encourage you to try it at least once. I have no doubt you will go for a second, third, fourth etc rounds.

This is true because by the the time you try it the first time, you will admit that you have been missing quite a lot.

grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs-2

All you have to do for these drooling grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs is to pair up the right proportion of the required ingredients, assemble them on skewers, place them in a grilling pan then pop the pan in an oven. After ten minutes of grilling, bring out the kabobs from the oven and drizzle with olive oil then pop them back in the oven for some finishing touches. But do remember to keep an eye on them while grilling to avoid getting burnt and drying up.

As soon as the kabobs come out of the oven, serve them warm with some nice cuts of onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and spring onions.

grilled turkey and vegetable kabobs-4

This extra part of garnishing the kabobs with fresh veggies really interests me and I highly recommend this extra part. This is all I can say for now about this recipe and you will find out that there is nothing tedious about this recipe once you try it out.

XoXo Blessing


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