Here's a Quick Video of Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta Recipe!!!

Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta ~ ~ ~ Long strips of firin makarna pasta paired with a flavourful creamy, vegetables sauce!

The images speak volume of this dish! By the time you taste a bit of it then you can concur that there is absolutely nothing not to love about this delightful meal!

Yes I've made different pasta recipes in the past ranging from; cheesy baked pasta with creme fraiche, vermicelli pasta with tomato stew, casarecce pasta with vegetables, Turkish piyale pasta, tagliatelle pasta. However I've never prepared this particular one before. Besides, this is the first time I've purchased and cooked a firin makarna bucati pasta and I am happy I did. Yes, this is because this particular type of pasta is really good and have a special kind of texture and feel that will glue you to it for eternity once you come in contact with it :D

Since I was tired of eating only the regular types of pasta, I said to myself that it was high time I tried something a little bit different from the regulars. I want something a lot more fulfilling and more involving and there you go ~ an attempt of Turkey marinara bucati pasta.

Of course Turkish pasta recipes were the first thing that came to mind when I wanted to make this dish, but then I knew I was going to prepare it my own way and not in the Turkish styles. I had to invent my own recipe for this firin makarna pasta, used only the ingredients I like (turkey meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, olive oil, pepper, carrots, spring onions, salt and my spices of choice). BAMM ~ a delicious meal that kept everyone that ate it happy for the entire week :D

If you think I am lying or joking, try it yourself and you can attest to the fact that this dish is just phenomenal.

Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta

Preparing this turkey marinara bucati pasta dish is a no brainer and the dish is a perfect one for the entire family, for friends, for parties and even events. You can serve it as a main dish or serve it as a side-dish to complement any main meal of your choice.

These bucati pastas look like small edible worms that are perfect for pulling out singly one at a time and then passing them down the stomach through the mouth via the oesophagus. The things I love about this bucati pasta meal is that it is quite easy to prepare. In fact you can basically get it fixed within 15 minutes depending on the quantity. The pasta looks unique enough to get my mouth excited, and it tastes very delicious and flavourful to keep my tastebud excited each time it had a pinch of it.

The big boost to it are the long sweet peppers, knorr chicken cubes, curry powder and paprika powder. Coupled with the other spices and vegetables then you have a delightful meal for yourself and anyone around you that cares.

Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta

This recipe is such a wonderful way to cook any type of pasta and you are basically gonna have a fantastic outcome. You're basically just parboiling the pasta for a few minutes, dry-frying the peppers, tomatoes, turkey, vegetables and other spices of choice together before pairing the pasta and tomato sauce together. Give this combination a good stir and it is definitely good to go.

But I must emphasize that dry-frying the peppers very well brings out their savoury taste and aroma.

Once you get the sauce right, then every other thing can follow. If you get the sauce wrongly, am afraid the pasta isn't gonna taste any good at all. The sauce I prepared for this pasta is definitely nice on basically any type of food that requires sauce and it is pretty easy to fix.

All it takes is blending up some few red sweet peppers, onion and hot pepper, sieve the blended mixture to drain excess liquid, keep the liquid aside. Then pour the blended pepper mixture in a slightly heated oil and allow to fry until the liquids are gone. If you have small meat chops to add to the sauce, then add them into the sauce while the sauce is frying so they can both cook together, afterwards add all the spices you intend to use, simmer for few more minutes and thats it.

If the sauce is too dry for your liking, then add a little bit of the tomato-pepper liquid you've set aside. I can assure you that the result is just amazing and it gives a very distinctive colourful look to the pasta that can turn on anyone that sights it.

Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta

So in a nutshell, this turkey marinara bucati pasta dish pairs some par-boiled firin makarna pasta, pepper sauce with turkey meat, onions, mushrooms, olive oil, tomatoes, spring onions, knorr chicken stock cubes and loads of paprika powder, curry powder, dry chives.

The result was just amazing ~ flavourful, spicy, colourful and delectable. Interestingly, the leftovers tasted super well (should I say even more tastier) when I reheated them the following day for a quick lunch. I can assure you that this is one meal I will make quite often as I enjoyed it even much as Iyke did.

In fact, Iyke ate the largest portion out of it all :D

Turkey Marinara Bucati Pasta

Long story short! I encourage you to grab all the necessary ingredients and give this recipe a go. You will be happy you did and no doubt you will be convinced to share the recipe with as many people as possible that you know or you may come across.

But please don't forget to share your thoughts with us in the "Comment Section" once you've given this recipe a try!

XoXo :D Blessing


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