Here's a Quick Video of Courgette Avocado Pasta Recipe!!!

I can't pinpoint exactly what it was about this courgette avocado pasta that got me addicted to it. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical preparing this dish but it later turned out to be a perfect meal for a warm spring evening. This zucchini avocado pasta turned out to be a hearty, healthy, yummy dish that is full of simple but yet amazing ingredients. Even though I haven't really tried this particular recipe before, in terms of combination of the ingredients, but I must agree that I made a good decision.Definitely a dish I would make over and over and over and over again.
courgette avocado pasta-4
I do enjoy a nice vegan/vegetarian dish and as such was quite excited to see that this recipe is pretty easy and uses ingredients that I usually have available. All I had to do was cut the zucchini into thin strips to have similar appearance with pasta, blitz the avocado, mint leaves, salt, olive oil and lime juice together and the rest of the task was as good as done. So if you're looking for an easy but yet delicious and healthy recipe to cure your food craving, then this is definitely one of such recipes to give a try. This courgette avocado pasta is packed with good flavour, good aroma and equally had a nice texture. All the ingredients paired very well and held quite well as well.
courgette avocado pasta
This courgette avocado pasta is good to fix for a quick meal especially when you don't have all the time to spend in the kitchen. Interestingly, the preparatory work isn't too tedious and you don't need to add so much spices. Just the avocado, lime juice and mint leaves are good enough to boost the flavour.
This recipe is a no brainer and I highly recommend you grabbing the right ingredients and making your own.
courgette avocado pasta-3
The avocado, lime juice and mint leaves did added such a lovely flavor to the zucchini that you just can't have enough of it. So do you think you can still prepare this meal without these three key ingredients? Yes! But it isn't gonna taste so good as comparable to when you have these key ingredients. But that shouldn't discourage you from preparing your own version of courgette dish the very way you want to.
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