Some recipes should be made simple as mother nature wants them to be! Of course, and I strongly believe that avocado smoothie falls into this category. The natural flavour and taste of avocado pear are powerful enough that you need very minimal complimenting ingredients to make a colourful, creamy, fulfilling, flavoured and nutritious smoothie. Yes, this is just an awesome EASY avocado smoothie recipe, a unique version that contains the key ingredients it requires to satisfy your desire. The secret ingredients to making an avocado smoothie are avocado and milk! Every other ingredient thrown in during the production process is simply to complement and boost up the smoothie. It may be personal though, but with the new COVID-19 reality in full swing, everyone asked to stay at home, and a freshly cleaned house, I have been yearning for a fresh and healthier means of boosting my immunity. One of my first dishes of 2020 was focused around kickstarting the new year on a healthy note.
This nutritious avocado smoothie was a perfect way to stock-up some key nutrients into my body. The thought of this smoothie makes me feel so confident about what I'm sending down into my body. Some fresh avocado pears from the farmer's market, almond milk, honey, lemon, vanilla flavour and organic matcha all paired together to create a fulfilling avocado smoothie. Interestingly, this recipe is pretty easy - just throw everything into the blender and let them blend perfectly. In case you come across some good avocado pears, please don't hesitate to throw them into your shopping cart. I don't know about you, but I cannot get tired of this nutritious avocado smoothie, never. In fact, avocado is one of my favourite fruits, unlike my mum and hubby who utterly dislike this iconic fruit. What about you? Do you like or dislike avocado? I love the creaminess, taste and consistency of this extremely versatile fruit. The good thing is that you can eat avocado on its own, you can add it to salsas, salads, soups, pasta, or you can even squash the flesh and add to baked foods etc... the list simply goes on and on. Above all, this smoothie makes and keeps one fuller, thereby minimizing the tendencies of popping in whatever that comes across your path into your mouth.

I have been making assorted smoothies over the past couple of weeks. I love having already-made smoothies relaxing in the fridge, ready for whenever I feel like having em'. With this delicious avocado creation, I hope you will be motivated to start incorporating more smoothies into your diet. Feel free to explore your sense of creativity. You don't have to be rigid in terms of how, when and whatever that goes into the blender. Just experiment with as many or as few fruits that come across to you. You will have that inner fulfilment of feeding your body with the right things that ought to be in there. With a couple of avocado pears hanging out on my kitchen countertop and some other few ingredients that have been seeking my attention and pushing to make some appearances for some time now, I knew a simple avocado smoothie recipe was just the perfect thing to come up to. The ideal thing to sit down to on a cool sunny Sunday afternoon.


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