Watch the video recipe of the instant pot chicken broth!


I love chicken broth. Yes, I do. It is so versatile and always comes handy for cooking assorted dishes. Flavourful, aromatic, tasty, filled with endless options of dishes to prepare with it. Meats, herbs, spices or veggies in any combination for an awesome outcome. You can actually allow your imagination to go wild. The truth is that I'd been meaning to share this chicken broth recipe with you for a long time now but I haven't gotten around to doing it not until now. Simply because I didn't have all the key ingredients I'd wanted to be part of this broth. But luckily, I was able to gather the necessary ingredients that suit my desire and here we are.... Having bought the ingredients I needed for this recipe, I decided that some chicken broths would be the perfect thing to serve up from my kitchen to you. It was a wonderful combination of chicken, herbs and spices. I just thought it would be fun to make some batches of the chicken broth, store them up in the freezer and use them ad hoc whenever the need arises. Whatever you do or however you do it, I highly recommend making your own chicken broth. In my opinion, it is so much better than anything you can buy elsewhere. Besides, you have the privilege to use whatever ingredients, spices, meat, herbs or vegetables you deem right. You can create tons of diverse tastes and shades of broths that can complement whatever dish you want to cook whenever.
Although I have previously said this in my previous posts, but allow me to reiterate it here again that "I can survive anywhere with my instant pot". Over the past few months, I have become a huge fan of the instant pot. Until recently, I had never used the instant pot because I had another type of pressure cooker, which I later dashed out. But now that I've used the instant pot for preparing several dishes, I can confidently say that I really like it a lot. It is effortless to use and the output will get you satisfied at any time. The chicken cooked really quickly with the instant pot. Although I purposely set the pressure cooker time to 8 minutes because I wanted to ensure that all the spices and herbs soaked into the broth very well. Otherwise, 5 mins would be enough to cook the chicken well. I added the green onions after the broth had cooled down a bit because I want them to still remain sort of greenish in colour as well as not getting mushy when cooked together with the rest of the ingredients.
This chicken broth recipe is very simple, aromatic, flavourful and hearty. Basically, it is just chicken, spices and herbs, that's it. Throw everything all together in the instant pot and let them cook for 8 minutes and the broth is ready. This recipe uses the ingredients listed in the "Ingredient section", but you can actually do whatever you want or like best, it is simply versatile. The most important thing is that the end result yields a fantastic output. Use the chicken broth to cook any main meal, stew or soup of choice. Just so you know that I later air-fried the chicken that formed this broth with the instant pot.


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