I air-fried these drumsticks yesterday. My household really loves chicken drumsticks, but who doesn’t? Sometimes, it's good to try out something different, something totally unique from the usual. Since I have some packs of Kellogg's mini-wheats I purchased from Costco still lying gracefully in my kitchen cabinet, I felt it was high time I pulled them out and try out a new recipe. Well, prior to creating this recipe, it didn't occur to me that the outcome will be really good. I just felt that I should give the recipe a go and just see how it goes. Oh my goodness! I am super glad that I followed my instinct because the drumsticks came out so so well that I found myself going back every now and then to munch on them. They really are just drumsticks, which the instant pot duo crisp air fryer made possible. Mixing up the chicken drumsticks with the Maggi chicken spices boosted the flavour of the chicken while the instant pot did a fantastic job to lock-in the flavour so well into the drumsticks.

Watch this short video of the recipe!


These drumsticks air-fried very nicely, golden colour and crispy. I can't get over the instant pot because it did all that in the absence of oil. So if you are in the category of individuals that are seeking a healthy eating habit, then you are in safe hands. You don't need to add any extra calories from any cooking oil because the instant pot air fryer will nicely fry up your chicken or whatever for you.
This recipe is an easy one - instant pot duo crisp air fryer chicken drumsticks. But it might interest you to know that the outcome is just simply amazing. The drumsticks were not flashy though, but I found them flavourful, well-balanced and tantalizing. Dipping them in the whisked eggs before coating in the mini-wheats crumbs gave them some great body. I used the Vitamix blender for grinding up the wheats. So crispy and simply the perfect snacks or side-dish to while away your time especially during this covid-19 lockdown. The only thing I would probably consider to change is adding a little bit of fresh chilli and a pinch of salt.
But I enjoyed the mini wheat flavour that encapsulated the drumsticks. While the wheat flavour wasn't overly sugary-sweet, the drumsticks definitely came out sweet and super delicious! Some sauces or dips are essential in this recipe as well. Well, I used only mayonnaise and it was an amazing option. I did not have ketchup or mustard sauce, but I have no doubts they would be great as well.
Overall, a pretty easy recipe that yielded some captivating crispy drumsticks. I highly recommend!
N:B - The Instant pot cook time does not include the heat up or release times.


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