Watch this video recipe of instant pot tilapia fish!


Just so you know that I am a huge seafood fan. Yes, I am and I particularly love fish. Although this recipe is not about the salmon fish, I must confess that salmon is on top of my list of favourite fishes. I have shared a couple of salmon fish recipes on this blog so feel free to check them out. Back to the purpose of this post, which is an instant pot tilapia fish recipe. Yes, I had the urge to air fry some tilapia fishes that have been relaxing comfortably in my freezer for a while now and I'm glad that my instant pot did not disappoint me. Every action leading to the finished recipe was 100/100 and I couldn't fault any at all. When it comes to roasting or air frying fish, I really like both sides of the fish to be properly cooked and golden brown in appearance. That way, all the spices rubbed on the fish will infuse so well to yield an excellent taste. By so doing, eating the fish won't be boring and all those nasty fishy tastes will disappear.
So, when I pulled out these tilapia fishes from the freezer, they were looking so gorgeous and tempting to use them up for a befitting recipe. After defrosting the tilapia, I thoroughly cleaned them and then pulled out the rest of the ingredients that will complement them so well. Since I don't want to use the oven for roasting the fish, I thought it right to use the instant pot air fryer instead. I find it convenient using the air fryer option on the instant pot and the result is simply amazing. This instant pot tilapia fish recipe is easy, impressive and the fish tasted so delicious. I will definitely be making this recipe again. The tilapia fish can be made either roasted or air fried, but I decided to go with the air fryer option. Either option works perfectly well. I love air frying fishes, it just makes them taste better.
Interestingly, putting these ones together for lunch or dinner is a piece of cake you can achieve from the comfort of your kitchen. The choice of ingredients mixed and rubbed on the tilapia fish really made them taste really good. But you can literally use whatever ingredients you like or you have available. Whatever is the case, don't forget to give this recipe a try, it's a delicious treat for you, your family and friends!
I air-fried both sides of the fish for 20 minutes each time. This was to ensure that the fish were properly done, dried enough and not breaking apart. After air frying the fish, the next step was to sauté a nice sauce to complement them. I used some sweet peppers for the sauce but you can use either tomatoes, bell peppers, long sweet peppers if you prefer. Since the sweet peppers just got out of the freezer, I decided to grate them but you can equally use either mortar and pestle, or blender.
 Afterwards, sauté the sauce and pair the sauce with the fish. I enjoy having a good sauce on most of my seafood dishes. Good and colourful sauces liven things up a lot and they add some really nice taste, flavour and touch to whatever meal you are having. It wasn't difficult to blitz together this flavourful and delicious sweet pepper sauce. It turned out so lovely; air-fried tilapia fishes with just the right amount of sauce, slightly sautéed and packed with enough flavour from the spices. This simple tilapia fish recipe is quite easy to put together, and this turned out to be a real winner. So enjoy!


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