Just an easy but healthy recipe today, but it is all about one of my favourite dishes!!!

Well, If you are looking for an easy, simple, healthy and elegant delicious dish, I am happy to share this recipe with you. This oven roasted croaker fish is pretty easy to fix but yet super flavourful and captivating. It also contains some of my favourite ingredients; aromatic spices, parsley leaves, onions and carrots.

Trust me, these ingredients make a winning combination!!! The dish paired up all these wonderful ingredients into one oven pan to make a complete yummy meal that YOU will definitely enjoy. I think parsley is one of my favourite herb, probably because of its aroma and medicinal values.

Before I get down on the nitty gritty of this recipe, here is a quick video on how to roast croaker fish.


Personally, I love fish and I've prepared countless fish dishes ranging from Moqueca Baiana (Brazilian Fish Stew), spicy grilled croaker fish, roasted pangasius fish, Southern fried catfish and grilled tilapia fish etc, to name but a few. Honestly, it is fun trying out all these dishes with unique flavours and taste.

Recently, I've realized that one of my favourite ways of enjoying fish is by roasting ~ don't get me wrong. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy other methods of fish preparations. Yes, I do but I think I've got more preference for the roasted options. Well, this is because roasting tends to bind in all the spices and ingredients properly thereby drawing out the flavour and giving the fish a spectacular taste to behold. If you think that roasting is not a perfect option for preparing fish, just think again.

Oven roasted Croaker fish-7

This particular oven roasted croaker fish has onions, parsley with some carrots and If you think that roasted fish with some veggies sounds insipid, think again. I can bet you that roasting these veggies draws out all their natural flavour, aroma and sweetness.

But one good thing about this recipe is that it is not the rigid type. You are free to try different combinations of vegetables as well as varieties of spices as much as you like. Just bring 'em on....... Same here, am also gonna try various combinations of vegetables in the upcoming fish recipes.

Oven roasted Croaker fish-4

If I am given the choice between a vegetable-packed roasted fish or a stand-alone non-vegetables roasted fish, I will go for the vegetable option almost every time. Basically, there is almost nothing I like most than relaxing over a plate of nicely prepared meal garnished with some vegetables. Vegetables make food to look rich, enticing and salivating.

Parsley leaves, spinach, kale, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, turnip, parsnip, lettuce, leek, garlic ............... you get the picture, don't you? This is my idea of a distinctive vegetable-packed fish. However, this doesn't mean that a stand-alone non-vegetable fish is never admired ~

Bring it on and I will show you how to do justice to it. I won't reject it at all.

oven roasted croaker fish

Let me quickly mention that if you buy your fish with the scales still on then do descale them before preparing. The scales were already removed from these fish before I bought them.

For the preparation of this sumptuous dish, just add the salt, pepper, stock cubes, seasoning, and paprika in a bowl, mix properly then add the vegetable oil and mix well. Afterwards, add the onions, parsley leaves and carrots then toss well.

Okay, this is the time to pop in the fish into the mixture for a really good toss. Then use a brush to properly rub in the mixture in and out of the fish.

Pour the content in an oven pan that is loosely-lined with foil, add more chopped parsley leaves if you want then wrap the foil and that's it.

You can now pop the pan into a preheated oven and roast for at least 35 mins or until the fish is done internally.

But whilst roasting, do keep an eye on the fish, flipping them over if needed and pouring the fish juices intermittently over the fish. Just roast until properly cooked and tender. The cooking time is strictly dependent on your oven temperature. Once the fish is done, bring out from the oven and you are good to go.

Oven roasted Croaker fish-5

Personally, I think this dish is also one of the best ways of eating vegetables. This oven roasted croaker fish ended up being such a fantastic savoury fix for my lunch. 

Long story short!

Simply let out your imagination, give this recipe a shot and you will be glad you did so!

Oven roasted Croaker fish-3

If you enjoy this post, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section, every opinion counts.





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