I enjoy trying new dishes!!! Yes I do and I am always on the lookout for something special but yet delicious to prepare. Oftentimes, I find something to try out but end up not getting around to making it. Sometimes, it is because I don't have the time to do so and sometimes while I am ready to give the recipe a shot, only then will I realize that all the ingredients are not available. And that moment could be the time I am soooo tired to go out and get the ingredients ~ ~ ~ Oh dear!

This can be so annoying at times because that means I have to postpone the preparation for some other time or possibly look for alternatives. No complaints though, cos I am always equal to the task. Recently, I have been longing for more vegetarian recipes because I want to shed excess calories and I am happy that my regime is working for me. Moreover, I am including more fruits and vegetables in my diet as part of the 5-A-DAY plan recommended by the World Health Organisation.

I bought some radishes yesterday and felt that I wanted to use them up from something unusual than adding them to salad. Although radishes can be eaten raw, steamed, cooked, pickled or roasted and this time around, I've decided to go for the roasted option and I am happy I did :D

Before we go further, here is a short interesting video clip on how to roast radishes!!!


I am happy the recipe is a simple one but yet the dish turned out superb. Sometimes, simple is just the best and just best enough to go for. This is just the case with these delectable roasted radishes and even though I was craving for an easy-to-make dish, but at the same time wanted something healthy and nutritious. Radish, that common and beloved part of your salad can also be converted into several other dishes that are equally good and welcoming. These radishes grabbed me with their moderate amount of ingredients especially oil and I knew it is just a perfect dish for everyone including our vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free pals.

roasted radishes-6

With the high oven temperature, I was a little bit afraid that they would dry out so easily and get hardened but I was wrong ~ ~ ~ they actually turned out very moisten and tender. Radish is distinguished with their strong pepperish, pungent or sweet taste and these unique features are what always entice me about this root crop.

These roasted radishes turned out perfectly tasty with a touch of fresh parsley leaves that glitter through as an ideal complement to the appetizing radishes. As you might have seen from the pics, the radishes are just moderate in quantity but if you want something a lot more bigger then go ahead and add more radishes for a bigger portion to serve you and the people around you. Because the dish is just for myself alone, I only used few radishes and they did served me perfectly well.

roasted radishes-7

The recipe starts by cleaning and washing up the radishes properly, halving them and then adding them in a clean bowl. Add all the ingredients except the oil but also leave a little portion of the parsley leaves for garnishing when the radishes are ready to be served.

Then toss properly, add in a greased baking dish and drizzle with the vegetable oil. Pop the baking dish in the oven and roast until done. Once soft and crispy, then bring out from the oven and serve immediately, garnished with the remaining parsley leaves. Interestingly, you can also serve these roasted radishes together with any other main meal of choice.


Just a synopsis of radish, which is botanically known as Raphanus sativus and from the Brassicaceae family ~ It is an edible root vegetable that is mainly consumed raw as a crunchy salad vegetable. It comes in various flavour, sizes and colour, which are all dependent on the cultivars.

The sharp pepperish flavour of radish is attributed to the presence of chemical compounds such as isothiocyanate, glucosinolate and myrosinase in the crop.

Here are some reasons why we definitely need to include more radishes in our diet;
Radishes are an excellent source of antioxidants, potassium, dietary fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin B-6 and magnesium. Apart from being an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, radishes also play significant roles in our body.

Some health benefits of radish include:
Radish acts as a good appetizer
Acts as an immune system booster due to its high vitamin C content.
Helps to treat constipation and pile due to its high dietary fiber content.
Helps to fight bad breath.
Radish is a good laxative, so I don't encourage eating it in excessive quantity.
Helps to improve blood circulation.
Some studies suggest that radish can be used for treating headaches.
Radish helps to regulate the body metabolism thereby converting fat into usable energy (Fights obesity).
It contains protein (collagen) that helps to strengthen the blood vessel walls thereby preventing artherosclerosis. Artherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries caused as a result of deposition of fatty material on the inner walls.
Radish is diurectic thus increases the production of urine.
Radish is a strong detoxifier.
Radish contains indigestible carbohydrates thus aids digestion.
Radish helps to fight cancer due to its constituents of antioxidants.
Radish helps to regulate the blood pressure level due to its high potassium content.
Radish reduces the body temperature caused as a result of fever. It also helps to fight infections caused as a result of cold and fever.
Radish also helps to fight gastric problems.

Clearly, we have so much to gain than lose from including this cruciferous root vegetable in our diet.

roasted radishes-2

Oh my days,,,,, these roasted radishes were so flavourful and tempting to devour. Halfway through the roasting process, I was almost close to pulling them out from the oven and devouring them immediately due to the spectacular aroma oozing out from them. Even while the photo shots were taking place, I was equally close to embezzling them because the aroma was just all over the place. However, they were just lucky enough to escape my trap until we got to the right time to do justice to them.

So, I patiently let them finish roasting, took some shots before enjoying every bit of them :-P

Putting this dish together was so good ~ In fact the combination of ingredients and spices coupled with the roasting method was just spot on. I couldn't have asked for a simpler or quicker recipe and the final result was totally worth it. A delightful mixture of aromatic spices coated the radishes which are layered alongside with some spicy onions and parsley leaves, drizzled again with some drops of oil.

I dearly love how this dish turned out and I will definitely make more again in the nearest future.

roasted radishes-8

Okay, this is basically what these roasted radishes are all about and I urge you to give the recipe a try. No doubt you will definitely enjoy every bit of it much as I did.

The recipe is not a rigid type so you can play around with the ingredients and quantities. You can even add those aromatic spices you have at hand but just be cautious not to add excessively. Let the ingredients be proportionate with the amount of radishes you want to roast in order to get an amazing result.

Don't forget to leave your comments on the "comment section" on what you think about this dish! Every opinion counts!!!

Ciao :D Blessing



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