I love fruits ~ always have I loved fruits and always will I love fruits :D

So for me, converting some fresh fruits into some glasses of refreshing juice is among my favourite things to do. I was watching the T.V last night when it occurred to me that it’s time to make a homemade juice. It’s been close to one month now since the last time I made homemade juice.

Yes, I love making my own juice at home because that allows me to control the quantity of sugar that is going into the juice. With the increasing awareness to cut down on sugary and artificial food products, I’ve decided it’s high time I started juicing my own drinks - so stay tuned because from now henceforth, I will be sharing more fruit juice recipes.

I don't know about you but in my own opinion, there is no such thing as too much juice recipes inasmuch as they are healthy and packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins. I doubt if any fruit juice recipe disappoints and you can trust me that this pomegranate juice is just phenomenal. Apart from tasting very delicious and fresh, this pomegranate juice is an excellent source of essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals such as dietary fiber, potassium, carbohydrate, protein, magnesium, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, calcium, iron and vitamin B-6 that are highly needed for the healthy functioning of our body systems.

Check out this quick video on how to make the pomegranate juice!!!


Apart from being packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, pomegranate juice is pretty easy to make ~ even far more easier than you can imagine. I bet you wouldn’t dare buy the packaged juice once you get acquainted with this easy pomegranate juice recipe.

pomegranate juice-7

This pomegranate juice is kid-friendly, adult-friendly :D gluten free, fat free, dairy free, nut-free and there is definitely no way you can claim that this juice is not an ideal one for everyone.

Apart from being juiced, pomegranate (Punica granatum) can also be used for preparing assorted dishes such as pomegranate salad, pomegranate pastries, food garnishes, cocktails, alcoholic drinks, smoothies, wine and beverages. Pomegranate seeds are best consumed raw however, they can be used for preparing several cooked dishes. Interestingly, the remains of the seeds after blending can also be chewed and enjoyed as a side dish but it is totally up to you to decide if you want to eat or discard them.

pomegranate juice

So let's get started with the steps ~ ~ ~

First, give the pomegranates a good wash to get rid of any dirts. Then cut off the crown of the pomegranates, make shallow cuts from top to bottom of the pomegranates through the skin.

Pull apart the pomegranates then remove the pomegranate arils (seeds) and the internal white pulp membranes.

Okay! once you have the arils ready then the juice is just as good as ready. Now is the time to pop the arils into a blender with the maple syrup and water then blend.

pomegranate juice-9

But there are a few key points to keep in mind; Blend the arils intermittently to avoid breaking the arils completely as this can turn the juice bitter. This is just the key!!! There is almost nothing as disappointing as a bitter juice.

Secondly, use fresh and ripe pomegranates.

Thirdly, ensure to use a good strainer to prevent any tiny bits of the arils from going into the juice as they may not be easy to figure out  through the juice. You don’t want to have some tiny bits of seeds struggling through your oesophagus as this can be discomforting.

The picture below captures all the steps involved in making a homemade pomegranate juice so feel free to pin it or save it so you can easily follow the steps any time you want to make yours.

how to make pomegranate juice (1)

But then, set aside the the pomegranate peels and the remains of the pomegranate arils as they are rich in antioxidants, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. The peel can be used for preparing pomegranate tea while the remains of the arils can be enjoyed as a side dish.

pomegranate juice-2

The taste of a pomegranate fruit depends on the cultivar and its ripeness, which equally determines how sweet or sour the juice will turn out to be. But if it is quite sour then you can sweeten the juice with either honey, maple syrup, sweetener or sugar. 

Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of hydrolyzable tannins (ellagitannins), polyphenols, ellagic acid or gallic acid and  punicalagins. The color of the juice is attributed to the presence of anthocyanins (pelargonidin glycosides, delphinidin and cyanidin) in this fruit.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Studies reveal that the pomegranate juice is essential for reducing stress, preventing heart diseases such a heart attack, preventing arthritic attack, preventing depression, protecting against stroke, treating impotence and inhibiting cancer growth.

Pomegranate juice also helps to control the cholesterol level, it reduces blood pressure, protects against osteoporosis and boosts the immune system.

pomegranate juice-3

With all these immense benefits of the pomegranate fruit, there is definitely no reason why we mustn’t include this fruit in our diet. We have more to benefit than lose from this nature’s pharmacy.

Moreover, the recipe is pretty simple and I am of the opinion that simple is always the best! This notion should be applicable to every aspect of life especially when it has to do with what we eat. Honestly, I don't normally fancy expensive drinks or meals ~ all I am interested in is healthy and nutritious food that can keep my body healthier!

This pomegranate juice is just a good example of such simple but yet nutritious treats. The recipe may not appear special but it brilliantly puts together all the key ingredients to yield a simple but yet refreshing pomegranate juice for your delight.

pomegranate juice-4

Very flavorful and tantalizing, this is a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner drink to keep the body, soul and mind refreshened.  I really love fresh juice and it is always good to liven up your meals with any sort of fresh fruit juice ~ Makes a complete course!

Lest I forget, this pomegranate juice turned out so good; fresh, tempting to drink and captivating!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better pomegranate juice! Definitely a real winner juice for me!!! WHY NOT give the recipe a try and no doubt you will definitely love every bit of it.

Ciao :D Blessing



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