Waoh!!! How time flies......
It is a bit tough to believe that year 2017 has already wrapped up itself and we are now in a brand new year. I always feel as if the year 2017 kicked off not quite long ago but alas, it has just ended.
Nevertheless, I believe that last year has been an amazing year thus far and I suppose you too will concur with me. Obviously, there were ups and downs throughout last year but the most important thing is that we are alive to witness another year.

Here is a Quick Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe Video!!!

While some of us are still recounting whatever that would have transpired through the last year, both good/bad, it is high time we started planning and putting things in place for a fabuluos year 2018. Well, this is also inclusive of being conscious of your food intake. Food is essential and we should always strive to consume nutritiously at all times!!!
Having said so, I doubt if there is any such such thing as several roasted meat recipes? You can't find it in my dictionary and as a result, I am delighted to share the oven roasted turkey recipe with you. Therefore, permit me to present to you a perfectly delicious and tasty roasted turkey meats for your delight. Perfect for bulk preparation and then storing it for gradual usage over time.
I decided to tweak things a bit by blending up the entire ingredients together except the turkey meat. Of course, I had to allow the marinated turkey to sit in the fridge for 2 hours so that the ingredients can permeate properly. As a result, the final product tasted so so so good and I'm sure you too will find the final product quite amazing.
So, what are you still waiting for? Why not do the needful asap and treat yourself to these delicious meats.



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