Looking for a distinctive rice recipe in the face of assorted recipes out there? Well, look no further than this amazing coconut fried rice recipe. With the right combination of the right ingredients, the outcome could help settle that desire for a fantastic meal you have. Besides, as far as the taste department is concerned, this particular coconut fried rice dish is a bit difficult to beat.
The other day, I visited the farmers market and bought some fresh vegetables and thought I better use them up for a pot of delicious coconut fried rice. I had an idea on how to deal with these vegetables and how to pair them perfectly with the rest of the ingredients available. The entire ingredients evolved into this wonderfully-made meal and exactly the way I anticipated. A perfect lunch or even dinner anytime, any day.
Rice is one of those meals that I can never get bored of eating. Yes, I enjoy eating rice and can even eat it on a daily basis as long as it is available and ready for consumption. This particular rice dish is one of those meals that I always enjoy preparing in a special way.

Before you read further, here is a short video on how to prepare coconut fried rice!!!


This one turned out as well as I expected it and I am more than excited to share the recipe with you. Fried rice is a very popular dish, prepared in diverse ways with diverse recipes. In my own unique way of preparing my meals, I decided to convert two recipes into one main recipe for an amazing dish - Coconut fried rice!
This is one thing I admire so much about cooking - creatively coming up with unique combinations of ingredients to yield an amazing outcome. Adding some rich creamy coconut milk that I have never used before for fried rice and creating a delicious new meal out of these ingredients really made my day!
I decided to use coconut cream for this rice dish. If you haven't tried this combination before, I highly recommend you do so. But this is not a strict recipe so if you don't have coconut milk, just go ahead and cook the rice with the meat broth.
A quick garnishing with some fresh spring onions, perfectly finished the dish off. The spring onion adds a lovely fresh note to the coconut fried rice. But if you are not a great spring onion fan, you can always do without it and see how it goes. However, I recommend you give it a try.
I made this little twist of the regular fried rice recipe based on my imagination, but you can as well make the recipe your own based on how you want your rice meal to turn out. The final outcome might slightly vary, but the most important thing is that you prepare something edible.
Well, this is the reason I enjoy cooking as it gives you the opportunity to allow your imagination go wild. Feel free to try out the recipe and don't forget to have some fun too!



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