I enjoy my weekends because it is the period of the week I have time to relax with my family and do so many things for myself as well as have fun.

I believe everyone does the same except for those that usually work over the weekends or have some demanding schedules for the weekend.

This weekend, I have decided to prepare a special dish..... {Beetroot Fried Rice}. The main ingredients are rice, beets, salt, spices, olive oil.

I love fried rice and the addition of assorted vegetables such as carrot, sweetcorn, peas etc while cooking the rice always makes my taste bud go waaaoozzzaaaaa.
However, I decided to make a change with this particular recipe hence no assorted vegetables but strictly beetroots.

I love the color the beets rendered to the fried rice and the super aromatic taste oozing out from the dish during the preparation. Honestly, this beetroot fried rice dish turned out super great!

Beetroots are very nutritious, healthy, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants with reduced fat. This special roots are highly recommended for human consumption.... a reason why I value it so much.

I hardly lack beetroots in my kitchen and the farmers market close to my house always expect me to buy some beetroots from them anytime I pay them a visit.

The benefits of beetroots are so innumerable and I encourage you to watch out for a blogpost on this topic.

Basically, fried rice is a meal prepared from steamed rice which is often stir-fried and mixed with assorted ingredients like vegetables and meat. There are so many variations of fried rice ranging from chaufa, thai fried rice, bai cha, canton, curry fried rice, omelet rice etc.

This particular recipe of beetroot fried rice is very easy and quick to prepare. The beets cook so fast and the color is super delightful to behold.

beets water
Head over to your kitchen now and follow the simple steps outlined below to prepare your own version of beetroot fried rice and don't forget to leave us a comment below.

We'll love to see your own version thus feel free to submit your own recipe here.

beets rice


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