I was so elated when I visited an Asian shop last week and saw some butterfruits displayed for sale. Butterfruit is also known as African pear and it is scientifically referred to as Dacryodes edulis. Butterfruit is one distinctive fruit that is highly nutritious and packed with fatty acids and triglycerides.
While I was still busy pricing the butterfruits, two other customers came into the shop and showed a tremendous level of excitement upon sighting the pears. In fact, one of the customers jokingly mentioned that she had been longing to eat this fruit for a very long time that she even ended up eating it in the dream the previous night.
Well, I immediately told her that I don't want to eat mine in the dream and that's why I must buy some, notwithstanding the price. Yes, I want to consume the butterfruit in real life and not some sort of dream consumption.
Because of my determination to buy this special fruit, I wasn't even put off when the Asian shop keeper told me that each pear costs £1. Quite expensive, isn't it? Well, that's what you get when you are desperate for something. So I ended up buying 6 pears only and vowed to revisit the shop more often.
Honestly, why I fell in love with this Asian shop is that it is so cosmopolitan and sell food products from virtually every part of the world. Well, this is why I enjoy living in a multicultural society where you can meet and relate to people from every part of the globe.
Not only did I found the butterfruits there, I also saw some fresh sweet corns graciously beckoning on me from the corner of the shop to come and grab some of them to compliment with the pears. Guess what? I jumped on these fresh corns and grabbed as many as I could.

Here is a Quick Video on How to Prepare Sweet Corns & Butterfruit!!!


Peradventure you are unaware, butterfruit pairs really well with sweet corns. Butterfruit can be soaked in hot water, sautéed or roasted and then eaten together with either cooked or roasted sweet corns. Interestingly, butterfruits can also be eaten raw - just pop it into your mouth and it gradually softens within few minutes. It might also interest you to know that just as the name suggests, that butterfruit has a similar texture and taste to butter.
I can only attest that visiting that shop on that fateful day was a wise decision I made on that day because I went back home so fulfilled and happy. You need to have seen the way I pounced on the butterfruits and sweet corns when they were ready for consumption. But that was after I had taken my time to take some shots to share with my amazing friends from all over the world including YOU.
Long story short - the recipe is pretty straightforward and easy that anyone can comfortably try it. Just peel the corns and add in a pot, pour hot water and cook until soft. Then add salt and cook for another 5 minutes to allow the salt penetrate into the corns. It is optional to add salt though.
Getting the butterfruits ready is also pretty simple! Just wash the pears and add in a clean bowl. Pour hot water, add salt and then allow to soak for 3 minutes or until the pears have softened. Then discard the hot water and set the pears aside. Once the sweet corns and pears are ready, then you have nothing stopping you again from feasting on this special delectable pair.

I can assure you that pairing some sweet corns with some butterfruits is a perfect way of relaxing on a sunny day. Especially now that summer is here and the weather so welcoming to us, this pair is an ideal way of easing off stress on a beautiful weather. The good thing about this pair is that you can even roast them on a BBQ fire while relaxing with family and friends - the perfect way to enjoy the summer.
If you haven't tried this pair before, then you are missing out. If you are fortunate to come across the butterfruit, I encourage you to try this recipe and you will thank me specially for this.




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