Willy-nilly, your mouth must ever grab something to eat even amidst of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. What other better ways of spending time at home than trying out some really simple recipes just like this corn on the cob. ALERT - Don't be put off from trying this recipe simply because you do not own an instant pot. Never! You can still give this recipe a shot with your regular pot and cooker and you are right about good to go.

Watch this video on how to cook corn on the cob with instant pot!


I was busy creating a recipe a few days when hubby came back home with a pack of sweet corn on the cob. He pleaded that I help him fix it. Because I was already occupied at the time, I decided to make a pretty fast, easy but yet amazing dish. Since my instant pot was just starring at me from the kitchen countertop, I thought it wise to use it asap for a quickie. With this COVID-19 lockdown, keeping yourself busy is the best tip to stay on top of your game to avoid being bored.
This instant pot corn on the cob is a very simple recipe. So when next you go shopping, pop some corn cobs into your shopping cart so you could whip this dish up. I am a huge corn on the cob fan. In fact, I personally prefer cooking the corn together with the husks because I believe its a way of locking up all the nutrients and flavour into the corn. I might be wrong though but that's my opinion. I wasn't happy that the corn came without the husks but I liked the fact that they cooked up so well and quicker with the instant pot. Of course, I didn't want to leave the corn isolated so I added my own twist with some butter. I needed that buttery effect on the corn and I'm glad I added the butter in there. I think cooked corn is one of the easiest recipes so I couldn't pass on this. I think it was a fantastic side-dish to snack along with while relaxing on the sofa watching the television. So grab some corn and enjoy!
N:B - The Instant pot cook time does not include the heat up or release times.


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