After I posted my last recipe on how to make the unleavened bread, a couple of my core fans reached out to me requesting that I share a recipe on how to make unleavened pancakes. Of course, I didn't hesitate to oblige. So, here is your favourite girl Blessing sharing the unleavened pancakes recipe with you. Please do me a favour, give this recipe a shot and you will thank me later. I was able to make the pancakes effortlessly because I had the key ingredients at hand. But if you don't have all the ingredients readily available, I encourage you to rush down to your nearest grocery shop and get the necessary ingredients.

Watch this video on how to make the unleavened pancakes!


Therefore join in my pancake-making extravaganza because I had fun putting together this fantastic unleavened pancake recipe. As usual, this is my personal recipe that I have just tried out the first time. Although I was skeptical prior to starting the recipe creation, but I am so happy that the recipe didn't disappoint me at all. I wasn't too sure if the ingredients I used were the right measurements. This suggests why I started off with only 350ml whole milk but when I noticed that I didn't get the consistency I needed, I added additional 200ml milk. This finally gave me the right consistency that made the pancakes came out so well. But that's the key reason I love everything about recipe creation - that sense of creativity, the ability to tweak the recipe until you get your desired outcome. With recipe creation, the world is always your oyster to experiment and come up with something NEW!
These unleavened pancakes came out so well that I fell in love with them outrightly. Of course, I will be making this quite often in the future so this recipe is a winner. The recipe involves quite a few steps, but none of these steps is difficult as can be seen from the video. These unleavened pancakes were absolutely delicious, rich, creamy, soft and lovable! The ingredients I used yielded 12 pancakes but if you don't need such a high quantity, simply halve the ingredients and you will be fine. You won't believe that the way these pancakes turned out prompted me to eat and eat and eat them that I ended up skipping lunch. Well, it was worth it. Let me tell you that serving these delicious pancakes up at breakfast is a real treat and a perfect way of kickstarting your day. You can also make the pancakes in bulk, or overnight, store them up in the fridge and then warm them when the need arises. But I personally prefer the freshly-made ones.
These pancakes are simply fantastic and a yes, yes for everybody!


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