I have a flair for breakfast egg casseroles which suggests why I can go on preparing assorted egg casseroles with different tweaks of flavours at any point in time. Egg casserole is one of my favorite breakfast treats and no doubt you also may enjoy this special dish or probably will do same if you haven't had a taste of this delectable dish. This dish is one of the easiest breakfast options you can think of fixing for yourself and family very early in the morning.

Even though I'm not pretty sure the reasons why the ingredients are just too easy to throw together for a perfect result but most importantly is that you are getting that perfect and nutritious breakfast you so deserve. Honestly, all the ingredients; eggs, spinach, bell peppers, onion, sweet pepper, coriander leaves and vegetable oil all came together within few minutes for such an amazing and ever-delightful egg and vegetable casserole. So what better way to fix an ever nutritious egg breakfast than with sticking to this recipe.

egg_vegetable_casserole (2)

Well, I can't say more, rather than to urge you to judiciously get your acts together and whisk up a batch of eggs and some fresh vegetables asap for some special breakfast treats. Once you give this a go, you will definitely join my train in agreeing that the ingredients all pair up beautifully together in a jiffy. A winning yummilicious breakfast option for everyone inclusive of vegetarians and gluten-free peeps.

So lets get this straightened out.... If you are tired of your usual ways of preparing omelettes, what about whisking a few eggs with some fresh vegetables for some really tantalizing eggs vegetables casserole. Moreover, if you want a change from your usual breakfast or brunch recipes, why not give this eggs vegetables casserole recipe a go. Aside from being easy to make, the dish is super delicious, enticing, nutritious and healthy.

egg_vegetable_casserole (4)

Each time I make egg casseroles, I do make sure to add a little bit of flavour for some really great tastes and this has never disappointed at all.
I've found out that this leads to a more yummier, tastier and super delicious casseroles that I could go over enjoying over and over again. Personally, egg casseroles should cook up flavorful, aromatic and captivating as I really dislike it when they don't come out very well. But don't get me wrong, this is just my opinion, I'm sure everyone has his/her own style and preferences.

Like I mentioned earlier, I filled these egg and vegetable casserole with fresh vegetables and dry herbs but you can change that up the way you want to. Some fresh basil leaves or any other edible leaves of choice would be wonderful, as well as some other fresh herbs. Whatever you deem right shouldn't be an issue with this tasty breakfast treat.

egg_vegetable_casserole (1)

I can assure you that this egg and vegetable casserole turned out super satisfying to the core while simultaneously providing my body with loads of healthy dietary fibers, minerals and nutrients. The ball is now in your court to take actions by following the recipe shown below to give this dish a try...

However, If you don’t want to prepare this dish in large quantity, simply stick to the quantity of ingredients you like, lets say 3, 2 or even 1 egg with a little bit of veggies, spices and herbs. Remember that you can add in any vegetables, spices or herbs you want, so be sure to get yourself satisfied as you like.

egg_vegetable_casserole (3)

I hope you will consider giving this recipe a try as the ingredients and flavour combination is just amazing and mind blowing.
BTW, I’d love to know your thoughts about this recipe! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy this eggs vegetables casserole!

Loads of Love from Blessing :D



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