Veggies are one of my favourite things! Honestly, it doesn't really matter the type therefore egg noodles with vegetables dish is a no brainer for me! Egg noodles with vegetables dish is among my list of best ever combinations and because I wanted to make something fresher, lighter, tasty and yet healthy for dinner, I decided to go for this recipe and I am glad I did.

The truth is that I enjoy pairing assorted ingredients whilst cooking and so I am always on the lookout for some sort of ingredients to experiment with and those that I envisage will never disappoint. But, I admit that on certain occasions, those ingredients combination experiments never get along to turning into that spectacular outcome you might want them to emerge into ? I am just glad that this one did not disappoint.

Here is a short video on how to make egg noodles with vegetables!!!


Well, that's a great part of cooking experiments I enjoy in the sense that you can try out whatever you deem right to see if the outcome is gonna favour you or not. If the outcome is brilliant, then you would want to do it ceaselessly otherwise you just drop it instantaneously.

Although there are loads of egg noodles recipes out there but I chose to experiment this particular one and tweak it a little bit with one vegetable I love sooooo much, which is SWEDE!


I can gladly say that my experiment did worked out perfectly well and the end result was totally worth it!!! The combination of swede, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, egg noodles and other teeny-tiny ingredients added colour, flavour and fantastic texture that turned the dish into something really nice, captivating, tempting and drooling that I couldn't even get enough. An overwhelming pair of warm aromatic spices enveloped the egg noodles with vegetables and made them really inviting :D

I randomly chose four kinds of vegetables to go with the egg noodles and I think I selected a winning pair, since they turned pretty awesome. I couldn't have asked for a more better combination and I can say that this dish has got me positioning it on the first page of my long lists of favourite dishes.


Firstly, I went with carrot because I usually have it in the fridge, besides it appears to be the right colourful veggie to add in noodles. Next I chose cabbage because I love the strong taste, smell and flavour which it usually oozes out then I added mushroom because it is one healthy vegetable that I cannot do without. Lastly I wanted something unique that I have never previously paired with noodles, so I decided that swede is just a good option since I have it lying around in the kitchen.

I ended up pairing all these veggies which I think was perfect. They added some hints of colour, flavour and texture to this dish without overpowering it. This is just owing to the fact that I used the right quantities to get the right outcome, which eventually made this dish a SUPER DISH to remember for as long as possible. What else can I say about egg noodle? Well, egg noodles are just a great food to eat ~ ~ ~ so tasty, comforting, healthy and extremely easy to make.

egg noodles with vegetables-4

Since egg noodles are equally flavorful and tasty on their own, you can assuredly do whatever you want to do whilst preparing this delectable dish. You can make the dish more tastier, spicier or savory ~ ~ ~ just do whatever you deem right.

Personally, I think this is one of those dishes I would love to make again very soon. I urge you to give this recipe a shot and I bet you will enjoy every bit of the meal. Don't forget to share your opinions and views about this dish in the comment section. Every opinion and comment counts!!!

Ciao from Blessing :D



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