Omelette and Vegetables Noodle Recipe

Omelette and Vegetables Noodle Recipe

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This omelette and vegetables noodle recipe is a comfort-zone one – a big plate of the dish can make anyone super happy! Although I don't usually eat noodles that often, but I am always super excited anytime I prepare it. Ask me why???? Well, due to its unique taste and distinguishable appearance. I don't know about you but all I can say is that I love noodles and there's no two ways about it.
I make it anytime I feel like eating something different from my usual main meals and it always feels like the best each time. As I enjoy it so much, I thought it right to share the recipe with you although very easy but very rich....
While I am usually more of a solid main dish kind of person, there are times when a soft and quick meal is just all I need. This is usually the case for me and so I decided it was time to prepare some omelette and vegetables noodles dish. There are various options when it comes to noodles; you can decide to cook it plain or with vegetables or with eggs or a combination of all. But it is worthy to note that noodles can really come out perfectly well exactly the way you can think of.
omelette_and_vegetables_noodle_recipePersonally, I admire the sweet sensation and this time around I went for eggs and varieties of vegetables such as lettuce, sweet corns and carrots mainly because I had these ingredients in my house. It was a palatable combination, one I know you too wouldn't want to miss out on. If you think you like omelette with noodles just because you only eat it at the restaurants or food shops, try preparing it at home and I bet you will like it as well; you will be happy at how delicious it can taste.....
Apart from being an easy and quick meal to prepare, it is also easy on the pocket too----- yes, the ingredients aren't that expensive to come by. You can make variations with the vegetables to whatever you choose; either fresh tomatoes, green beans, green peas, onions, cabbage, parsley etc name them.
Believe me, noodles and omelette are a perfect match and you will favour this light noodles packed with sweet corns, carrots and slices of lettuce. If this recipe sounds interesting, why not give it a try now.


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