Instant Noodles With Vegetables

Instant Noodles With Vegetables

These past three months have been so glorious with sunny and hot weather virtually every day. Honestly, I waited for months like that which motivates me to pack up my suit and head down to the beach. Unfortunately, my tight schedules made it a little more tough to really enjoy this year's summer as I dreamt of, but thank goodness that it will come again next year. Hopefully I will be a lot more prepared then.
Throughout the summer period, I was busy making some tasty summer dishes but this particular noodle meal is one that I eat once in a year. I have my reasons for that.....
Noodles are amongst the most popularly consumed fast foods due to their lip-watering taste and they seems to have replaced our healthy meals. Studies suggest that they are highly processed food that lacks nutritive value and are also high in fat and sodium. Excessive intake of sodium can lead to hypertension,kidney damage, heart disease and stroke.
Instant Noodles contain Propylene Glycol that possess anti-freeze property which prevents the noodles from drying thus causing the retained moisture to be easily absorbed by the body and accumulated in the kidneys, heart and liver. This can potentially weaken the immune system.
Most of the chemicals present in instant noodles can cause cancer examples; Styrofoam, dioxin and plasticisers which can leak from the containers in the presence of hot water.
It is recommended that people consume one or two packs occasionally and also reduce the sodium by leaving out some of the seasoning packets. Excessive consumption of instant noodles can lead to excessive sodium intake which could be potentially harmful to our health. Moreover, it is noteworthy to prepare your noodles with loads of vegetables to make up for the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Although I rarely eat instant noodles, I still love it as it makes a super colourful, delicious and tasty main course especially when mixed with assorted vegetables. It is so colorful which makes it look even lot more appetising! It is most delicious when you fry the noodles with eggs. There are several options for what to do with noodles; most times I just dice the cabbage into tiny bits and fry it along with the noodles, other times, I add as many vegetables as I want. I also make this recipe with scrambled eggs but rarely prepare it alone without any of the above mentioned.
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There are several options, just give it a try and find your preference! Remember, always keep your intake of instant noodles very minimal!


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