I love exploring other people's food and on this occasion, I decided to pay a visit to a nearby kebab shop. Although I enjoy eating kebab, I try as much as possible to minimise my kebab intake.

This past week,  Stacey and I were driving home from work and we stopped by a Turkish kebab shop to pick up some doner kebabs. I haven't been there for sometimes now, but Stacey wouldn't have enough of these kebabs so we decided to check it out hence we stopped in.

We walked in to the Turkish kebab shop and were greeted warmly by the shopkeepers.

Being a food enthusiast that I am, I quickly perused through my handbag and picked out my camera. Honestly, this journey has made me a better photographer {Laughs}

The Turkish guys were comfortable with me taking some shots and there we go...............

I took some few shots and we grabbed a few packages of doner kebab, headed straight to the check out, dropped it in the car, and off we drove.

I enjoy shopping local as a means of supporting my own community. Honestly the doner kebab was super delicious! We grilled the leftovers up the following day and the taste was just like on the first day.

Kebab shops are very common in Europe, Australia and Middle East,  unfortunately this isn't the case in the United States. Wherever you may be, If you don't have a doner kebab cart in your neighbourhood, the best alternative is to make your own version.

Although the original doner kebabs might be a lot more difficult to make at home due to some  sophisticated  required equipment, but I still believe you can still make a much easier version at home.

Doner kebab is a Turkish dish prepared by cooking meat on a vertical rotisserie, usually lamb, beef or chicken. The Arabs refer to the dish as shawarma and the Greeks call it gyros.

The meat is usually sliced before being served wrapped in a flatbread called pitta. Alternatively, it can also be served plain on  a plate garnished with salads and sauce. The seasoned meat is placed in an inverted cone before being slowly turned against a vertical rotisserie.

Once properly cooked, doner kebabs are vertically sliced into thin, crispy slices and served with salads or pitta breads.


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