Tortilla Beans With Onions Sauce

Tortilla Beans With Onions Sauce

Tortilla                              Cooking Pot
Beans                                 Pressure Cooker
Red oil
Vegetable oil
I love beans, and I cannot overemphasize on the importance of beans. Dating from while I was growing up, my mum always ensured my younger brother and I get at least 4 portions every week.
It sounds crazy isn't it...... May be to you, YES... but not only to you.
I remember vividly that most of my childhood friends complained they don't like beans but that isn't the case with me because I enjoy my beans.
Put it in other way, it could be the special way my mum usually prepared this dish that made me so glued to it while growing up but even now in adulthood, I can attest assuredly that beans is ever a delicious and healthy meal.
Well, I decided to present my beans recipe in a special way by creating some special tortilla boats and then adding the beans in them.
Research has it that most Americans do not eat enough beans and I suppose this writeup will encourage beans haters to start liking and enjoying this dish due to it's numerous health benefits.
Before I reiterate........... Beans contain significant quantities of fiber and soluble fiber which can help to reduce blood cholesterol. Beans are also a rich sources of protein, iron, complex carbohydrates and folate.
THE BEAN INSTITUTE  attests that increased consumption of beans provides many nutritional benefits to human beings and can also help to lower disease risks and enhance longevity.
Tortilla beans with onion sauce is so easy to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious, you can make a big pot of it at one time which will last for days.
For the sauce, I prefer using ring sliced onions coupled with blended hot chilli which makes the meal absolutely breathtaking.... Hahahahahahahaahhahahahahaha.
Wrapping the tortilla into a boat shape is so easy and something anyone can easily do, although I have shown some few steps below on how to wrap same.
beans-6 beans-7 beans-8 beans
Follow the recipe below and I can assure you will join my squad of beans lovers.


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