The other day, I bought some baking ingredients while at the grocery store with the aim of baking some really delicious cakes. Among my list of favorite things to bake is cake. So today, I decided to give this plain cupcakes recipe a shot. The easiest way to get the task going is to throw in all the required ingredients at the right time and the required amount for some perfectly-deliciously-tantalizing sets of cupcakes for your delight.

I love the combination of ingredients in this recipe and I can tell you for sure that recipes like this are the main reasons I like baking cakes. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a madeira cake recipe, which came out pretty well and admirable. Even though I’ve baked some series of cakes in the past but I can tell you for sure that these particular plain cupcakes are perfectly spot on.

plain cupcakes (1)

Great! and I can assure you that these cakes are no brainer because they are pretty easy to make and yet super soft and delicious.

The finished cakes were so soft and airy that I would ever want to have them every now and then. Apart from being so easy to make, cupcakes are such an appetising and rich desserts that are perfectly okay for any event. Whether you want to have them for breakfast, host a party or celebrate any activities, you are quite assured that they can perfectly fit the bill. Super simple and super fun!!!

plain cupcakes (1)

The self-raising flour with some fudge pieces seemed like a perfect combination. I also added in some eggs, maple syrup, whole milk, butter and sugar then the whole thing came together to form some really soft and buttery special treats…..An ideal breakfast treat, midday pick-me-up or post dinner snack you can think of. These plain cupcakes would be okay for whatever you would normally do with any grocery plain cupcakes.

plain cupcakes
As far as plain cupcakes recipe is concerned, it can’t get any much simpler than this. So if you are searching for an easy and yet fun way of making your own homemade plain cupcakes for your yourself, family or friends, I urge you to look no further. Even though there is nothing too fancy in this recipe, yet it is such a delightful snack that you will ever want to pick over and over and over again. Even if you don't have any fudges, how about dried fruits or simply without any?

plain cupcakes (2)

Whatever you have available or you like, just go for it! Interestingly, this is just what I love so much about plain cupcakes, they are quite easy to tweak around. So go ahead, give the recipe a try and do have fun as much as you like.

I sincerely hope you will consider giving this homemade plain cupcakes recipe a try as the flavour combination is just mind blowing.

Lastly, I’d love to know your thoughts once you’ve given this recipe a go! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy these snacks!

Loads of Love from Blessing :D


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