Marshmallow cupcakes? Yes pals, I’m super excited!

Marshmallow cupcakes are so tempting and delicious that I can even pinch more than one at a time. Yes this is just guaranteed because I am a super fan of these little cupcakes. And apart from enjoying cupcakes, I do love decorating the tops with fanciful edible decors and these cupcakes had me decorating them with some fluffy marshmallows. 

marshmallow cupcakes (5)

Interestingly, these marshmallow cupcakes were so flavourfully delicious and the aroma made the entire house smelt so good. These marshmallow cupcakes are among the easiest cakes to make; not time-consuming, nothing too fanciful and the cakes still came out very colourful and delightful.

marshmallow cupcakes (4)

The cakes were very tasty, but what I enjoyed most of it all was the fluffy marshmallow toppings. These marshmallows was an unusual topping for me because I usually top my cakes with either icing sugar, cream, chocolate or chocolate chips. 

marshmallow cupcakes (3)

The cupcakes had to be topped with the fluffy marshmallows immediately the cakes were out of the oven so that both of them can pair properly before the cakes cool all the way down.

The only thing I might consider changing about this recipe is to coat the top with some frosting before popping the marshmallows over the frost. But this is totally a different recipe because in this case, you must allow the cakes to cool right down before topping with the frostings and then finally with some marshmallows.

marshmallow cupcakes (2)

Honestly, everyone in my house enjoyed these marshmallow cupcakes especially me, and they are all enthusiastic and looking forward to having more of these cakes in the house. Hopefully anytime soonish!
Don't forget to follow the full recipe outlined below to prepare for yourself some delicious marshmallow cupcakes...
marshmallow cupcakes (1)


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