Here we are once again with tart, but this time around it's ONION & SHALLOT TART! Ok dear, let's hit the kitchen and bake some QUICKIE snacks for a QUICKIE breakfast or dessert.

This recipe perfectly fits the bill for anyone who enjoys having an on-the-go breakfast or dessert. Honestly, this onion & shallot tart is a special way to ensure a great appetite ahead of the day.

caramelised onion and shallot tart. (5)

It is very easy to make and it only requires the use of simple ingredients anyone can easily have available in the kitchen.  Interestingly, this recipe basically requires no more than ten ingredients, but the ones you definitely need to pay close attention to are the shallots and onions because these are the key ingredients to make this snack what the title suggests it is.

Moreover, if I may say correctly, you probably might have all the other ingredients stand-by in your kitchen. As per the onions and shallots, any fresh, juicy shallots and onions would do – especially freshly purchased ones.

caramelised onion and shallot tart. (3)

Small, tender onions and shallots are a perfect match you need for this recipe. Just tuck them in properly so that they sit closely with no gaps over the pastry.
caramelised onion and shallot tart. (2)
Unlike some other tarts I have made in the past, this one does not have any other filling on the batter except the onions and shallots but it surely does not seem to matter since this is the recipe for this type of tart.
caramelised onion and shallot tart. (4)

The secret to making a perfect onion & shallot tart is to caramelize the onions and shallots over medium heat before topping them over the pastry. There was plenty of aromatic flavor emanating from the onions and shallots but most importantly, the butter added softness to the tart.
onion and shallot tart (1)

onion and shallot tart

This is a perfect tart you probably shouldn't miss out on. So if you are searching for a simple tart recipe, then search no further; just head over to the kitchen and pick the recipe outlined below to prepare for yourself some delicious and aromatic tart. The recipe can't be any simpler than the one shown below and I bet you can never go wrong with this.

caramelised onion and shallot tart.


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