Vegetables Tart

Vegetables Tart

Plain flour                        Pastry brush
Vegetable oil                   Tart Baking dish
My mom made her own version of vegetables tart occasionally when I was growing up. Although I enjoyed every idea of this dish, I cared less how she made them. I've always made my own vegetables tart a lot more different from hers, and this recipe is so fulfilling as I made it yesterday for my husband.
Although this isn't a traditional vegetables tart, I can confirm that it turned out quite delicious and tasty that my husband ate it all and I would definitely have to make it over and over again.
This recipe wasn't difficult to prepare, but it did took some time to prepare the vegetables, which is okay with me. There are quite a few simple steps to take and I think this is just a perfect recipe to make for any  gathering.

The spiced minced beef alone turned out delicious, and the assorted vegetables complimented the taste.
This is meant to be a healthy recipe and obviously it is, but the few drops of fresh milk called for in the recipe wasn't just enough for me. I also didn't have any fresh ginger and I can't wait to go shopping so I used the dried one instead, just normal but not quite as spicy and hot as I wanted it. So if you don't have some fresh gingers, do not sweat over it.
Appetising, aromatic and easy............ just a perfect combo in terms of super breakfast. This vegetables tart is all of that. It only requires assorted vegetables, minced beef and a bit of preparations  with few minutes in the oven and you have an aromatic, tasty, spicy, satisfying and accomplishing meal that I attest anyone would enjoy.
I am not sure about you, but most times I go for a quick but yet a nutritive meal that wouldn't take several hours to put together.
Although you can make this recipe without the minced beef, but honestly, I don't see myself doing that because it tastes absolutely amazing with the taste of the beef all over the tart.
Follow our simple steps below for your super yummy vegetables tart.


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