Personally, I think there is no such thing as too much pastries recipes. I have made quite a lot of pastries over the past years ranging from chicken and lamb samosa, quiche waffles, onion and shallot tart, cheesy baked potato cakes etc; to name a few and I can assure you that I have never ever been disappointed with any of them :P

Pastries such as cornish pasties are among my list of favourite breakfast options and let me just quickly reiterate that breakfast is basically my favourite meal of the day because it helps to kick-start my body system and get me ready to face the day squarely. This suggests why I rarely joke with my breakfasts and I always ensure that I have a combination of at least four to five of the six classes of food even if in a very little portion. A good example is this cornish pasties that are packed with several nutritious vegetables and ingredients.


Well, you can reason it out whichever way you deem right but all I know is that I enjoy waking up to a nutritious and deliciously made breakfast that keeps me smiling all through out the day. But that doesn't mean that all my breakfasts are made up of pastries, Nope! Very Far From It!!! I usually alternate my breakfasts including all my dishes for the day so as to ensure that I eat maintain a balanced diet for a healthier me :lol:

I'll admit that I don't bake these pasties quite often but each time I do, they usually come out very delicious, salivating, flavourful, drooling and enticing. These cornish pasties were so nice that before I could say Jack Robinson, hubby had already devoured almost half of them. This suggests how yummilicious they were and why you also need to give this recipe a shot. 


Here is a nutshell of the steps to follow; (1) Mix the flour with salt, butter and water to form a dough then allow the dough to stand for at least 15 minutes before rolling out (2) while you allow the dough to stand for few minutes, quickly cut all the vegetables then stir fry them with the chopped beef and set aside (3) Now you can flour your working surface, roll out the dough then cut into circles (4) At this stage, you can now divide the stir-fried filling between each of the cut pastries and rub the edges with whisked egg (5) Flip over one end of the cut dough and then fold the edges (6) Rub the surface of the pastries with the whisked egg and bake until golden brown and done.

Quite a few tips to bear in mind; don't begin with a bad recipe, don't over bake the pasties, it is optional to use uncooked beef but I prefer to stir-fry mine, ensure that the dough feels elastic when kneading and you can prepare large quantities of cornish pasties and refrigerate for future use.


These pasties were quick and pretty easy to make. I didn't use yeast or any raising agents and it still came out soft and nice, thank goodness to the butter that added a bit of softness to the snacks. Of course, there were manifold of flavour effects, courtesy of the spices, beef and vegetables.

This is such a recipe that you can easily customize to suit your tastebud and I can assure you that the pasties will still turn out well. Mine turned out superb with a perfect balance of colour, top crispy crust with chewy internals. The only thing I added was to pair the pasties with a bowl of custard and I had a perfect breakfast. This is a perfect combination that certainly does not disappoint any time.


Sitting down at the dinning table with a bowl of custard and some freshly made cornish pasties made my mouth very cheerful. The pasties were a bit crispy outside but extremely moist inside, kudos to the swede, parsnips, carrots, onions and beef that brilliantly perfected their roles so well.

I am just happy with these pasties, yes I enjoyed every bit of their features ranging from being very crispy, moist, tasty, flavourful and at the same time super healthy; five key reasons to make them over and over again. So, if this is the case, what is still stopping you from giving this recipe a SHOT? No doubt you will definitely love eveerrryyyy bit of it. It is just a perfect combination of ingredients and a perfect breakfast option for everyone.


I hope you will enjoy this recipe and please don't hesitate to share your opinions in the comment box. Every opinion or idea counts!!!

Loads of Love from Blessing



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