Now that the festive season is just around the corner, it is inevitable for me to constantly crave for more warming, spicy and satisfying pastries. For me, there is nothing quite as satisfying than relaxing with some freshly made chicken pasties.

Here is an interesting video clip on how to easily make chicken pasties!!!

This chicken pasties or empanadas recipe is the latest addition to my pasties recipe collection and for sure, it does not disappoint. Packed with some diced chicken, vegetables and spices that combined together to produce some amazingly yummy and hearty pasties. Moreover, the fresh thyme leaves with curry spices equally added some nice hints of flavour and colour to the fillings that actually promoted this recipe to the next level.

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This is just another winning pasties recipe you can equally add to your long list of pastries repository! This recipe makes 10 hand held chicken pasties, which is perfectly okay for me since I can freeze any extras then easily heat up and enjoy them each time the craving hits or whenever I want to fix a quick breakfast.

The recipe is quite an easy one but the only task is cutting up the vegetables, which is perfectly okay for me since I don't mind spending few extra minutes in the kitchen once I am assured that the outcome is definitely gonna turn out amazing.


I started by mixing the flour with salt, butter and water to form a dough, which I then sealed with food wrapping cling film to prevent it from drying out. I then allowed the dough to stand while I quickly cut all the vegetables and chicken breasts.

Afterwards, I cooked the chopped chicken breasts together with some freshly selected vegetables, spices and little bit of water until softened before using to fill up the cut dough. While cooking the vegetables, I usually add the cabbage lastly when the other vegetables are almost done because I don't want the cabbage to be too soggy. I prefer cooking the filling with little amount of water that I normally allow to almost dry-off from the vegetables before using. Once the filling is ready, then set aside and then get the dough ready.


At this stage, you can then flour the working surface, roll out the dough into sizeable circles then divide the chicken and vegetable filling between each of the cut doughs. But before sealing the pasties, remember to rub the edges with whisked egg as this helps to bind the edges together. Then flip over one end of the cut dough and press the edges to hold firmly. Rub the surface of the pastries with the whisked egg, pop into a pre-heated oven of 180-200 oC and bake until golden brown. Pop the chicken pasties out of the oven, allow to cool down and there you go ---- Some delicious chicken pasties (empanadas) for you!

chicken pasties-3

The whole pasties came out from the oven with some really nice aroma and colour that were just captivating and tempting. I highly recommend you give this recipe a try as it is definitely worth your attention.

Blessing :D

chicken pasties.


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