Are you a cake fan? But come to think of it, who isn't?

Perhaps you are searching for an easy but delectable homemade cake recipe for your upcoming party, then search no further cos I have a fascinating recipe for ya!

This marshmallow sponge cake can't be any simpler than it is and it is the right combination of baking ingredients topped with the rich sweetness of yummy cream and marshmallows. The colourful marshmallows really radiate and shine through the cake with a welcoming call to anyone who cares to have a bite of the cake.

The tender texture of the finished cake is spongy and yet sturdy. I think this recipe is a no brainer and besides, it is something you can easily make on your own even without those expensive baking equipment.


Let me just say that cakes, any type, are one of my all time favourite afters or midday snacks. I like my cakes buttery, rich, flavourful and palatable. Like I mentioned earlier, this marshmallow spongy cake recipe is a no brainer and it calls for sponge mix made with flour, egg, real dairy cream, water and marshmallows.

These ingredients apart from the marshmallows and dairy cream, are pretty easy to throw together and mix well for a nice bake and fascinating outcome. The dairy cream and marshmallows are for topping the cake to give it that wooowwwiiinnnggg colourful effect you so desire.


Straight outta oven, the cake looks so simple and plain, but slightly slicing off the top and smearing it with some dairy cream and sticking some marshmallows all over the top is no doubt an amazing thing to do. Yes, I enjoyed every bit of that process and I look forward to doing it over and over again. But if you find it stressful topping the cake with the marshmallows, you can as well melt them and pour over the cake.

To melt the marshmallows, just empty a packet of it in a pot, add two teaspoons of water into the marshmallows and stir continuously until dissolved. Once dissolved, then you can pour the mixture all over the cake.

Just as simple as that!

Just customize the cake exactly the way you want it.


Because I used sponge mix for this cake, I had less work to do. All I did was to pour the sponge mix in a bowl, add egg and water and then stir to combine well. Afterwards, I poured the batter into a greased baking pan and popped it into a pre-heated oven for a 25 minutes bake.

The cake really baked up so well, but I recommend you be on the watch-out while the cake is still in the oven to avoid over-baking or getting burnt. Remember! Different ovens with different temperatures, so adjust your oven to suit your cake.


I think the spongy cake with the sweet dairy cream and colourful marshmallows is a winning combination. They all complemented one another quite well to yield an amazing and drooling outcome.

Lets I forget, let me just quickly say that the goodness of this cake prompted me to eat more than I wanted to eat out of it. Considering that I am cutting down on my calorie intake but it was a "good eat" though.

No complaints at all!


Why not do yourself justice by grabbing the ingredients and giving the recipe a shot. I bet you will never regret you did.

XoXo Blessing



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