Yeah, it's time for more carrots! I love carrots, I love cakes and I love chocolates, so this Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate icing (Bolo De Cenoura) already has key reasons why I am going for it. Since it's time for more carrots, where are the carrots you might probably ask? Well, they are hidden right inside the cake getting ready to give you some sweet sensational surprises the very moment you bite in.

Let me just quickly reiterate that I can eat anything with carrot because this veggie or should I say fruit, is among my list of favourite things to eat and it actually made a perfect blend in this Brazilian style-cake. This cake is incredibly soft, tender, drooling, salivating and tantalizing with a very fine texture. With the chocolate icing on top, the cake turned out deliciously amazing!

Before I carry on with the bits and tips of this recipe, here is a short video clip on how to easily bake this carrot cake!!!

Right - - - Even though I rarely eat cakes owing to the fact that I am watching my caloric intakes, but each time I do, I try as much as possible to enjoy every bit of it. In fact, they are among my list of favourite breakfast, lunch or evening treats. I can say for sure that I am just loving every bite of this cake!!!
Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate icing-13
This Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate icing was pretty simple and easy to prepare, never took much of my time to bake, looks captivating, tastes delectable and is equally a perfect treat to unwrap and enjoy either as a breakfast, lunch or dessert.
But one thing you just have to be cautious of when baking carrot cakes is acknowledging that the right amount of ingredients ought to be used so as to get that ideal texture and feel you want. It can be extremely moist and soft but if you miss out the right proportion of ingredients, then one would know the difference.
One thing I like about this recipe is that you can easily make it with easily available ingredients at home and requires less tasks. The only main task is peeling and cutting the carrots but I don't count this as any task though.
Once you have the carrots ready, just throw them into the blender or food processor, add the eggs, vegetable oil, sugar and vanilla flavour then give the combo a good blend until smooth.
Then sift the flour into a clean bowl, add the baking powder and mix before pouring the carrot mixture. Give the combination a good mix then pour into a greased baking pan before popping into a pre-heated oven to bake. Just as simple as that and you will immediately have for yourself and all the members of your crew a deliciously-baked carrot cake for your delight!!!
Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate icing-7

Making the chocolate icing is pretty simple as well ~ ~ ~ Just add the chocolate, milk, honey and butter in a pot, cook over low heat while stirring continuously until the mixture dissolves. Just be at alert to stir the chocolate mixture continuously so as to avoid forming any clumps

Once dissolved, you can then pour the chocolate icing over the cake and there you are ~ ~ ~ delicious carrot cake with chocolate icing for your delight.

Sitting down at the table with some slices of freshly made Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate icing really made my mouth very excited :D
The cake was extremely tender, moist and delectable, well kudos to the carrots that brilliantly performed their role. I am happy at the adorable orange colourful outcome of the cake as well as how tempting this cake is, which is part of the reasons I look forward to making it any time soonish.
I urge you to give this cake recipe a try and I bet you will definitely enjoy every bit of it. Please don't forget to share your opinions and views about this cake in the comment section once you've given it a shot.
Every opinion counts!!!

Ciao from Blessing :D




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