Check out this quick video on how to make chocolate bars!!!

I had a packet of chocolate brownie mix on my counter a couple of days ago that needed immediate attention. For few minutes, I was pondering on what could be the best way to get this brownie mix off my counter.

Mmmmmmmmm.... Well, I thought making a chocolate fudge will do! No, but what about chocolate bars? What about chocolate cake? what about chocolate cookies?

Oh dear!

Within a split of a second, my brain had processed millions of information on just a packet of brownie mix. I don't really like to experience this especially when I am not too sure on what particular recipe to come up with. 


I don't blame myself either, as I am not the only person in the same boat of coming up with recipes. I believe everybody does and funny enough, this is the most interesting part of making your own dishes at home. Cos, it gives your creative mind the privilege of being imaginative. So after much considerations, I decided to settle for chocolate bars.

Sooorrryyyy, say that again ~ I mean, homemade chocolate bars!

When I finally decided to make these homemade chocolate bars that called for only brownie mix, egg, water and oil, I knew exactly what I needed to do. 


The recipe is pretty easy and the bars get ready within few minutes. So, I believe this is an ideal way to use up that brownie mix that has found itself relaxing on my counter for a long time now.

The chocolate bars turned out to be the perfect breakfast treat for the upcoming days. I am usually happy when I can easily kill two birds with one stone and in this case, I have done that again. Yes, this is so because not only are these chocolate bars gonna serve as breakfast treats for me but are also gonna be a perfect midday or evening snacks!

chocolate bars

These homemade chocolate bars are just an ideal solution for a quick hunger quench. The ingredients are pretty easy to whip together, and less time-consuming to bake up and ready for a grab and munch snack. Having these chocolate bars handy prevents me from being tempted to spend unnecessarily at the supermarkets. But having said this, that doesn't mean that I am a chocolate fanatic.

Yes, I eat chocolate but not always and I am happy that way ~ Just don't want to add excess weight ~ period! But I can assure you that these chocolate bars are just something you can feel happy to eat. While I enjoy my chocolate bars, I am happy to make them over and over again because they are just so good. I have no doubt that you too will definitely enjoy it much as I do.
So I encourage you to grab the ingredients, follow the recipe detailed below and give yourself and your loved ones a special treat.

XoXo Blessing



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