Homemade Vegetarian Pizza

Homemade Vegetarian Pizza

homemade vegetarian pizza
Although I did published some pizza recipes in the past but my conscience won't let me be without satisfying my numerous fans out there who are requesting for the vegetarian pizza recipe.
I definitely understand the state of mind of someone who is so keen on finding answer to a problem and I hope this post settles it all. In my defense, I taught it wise to stop procrastinating and give this homemade vegetarian pizza a go.
Luckily for me, I had all the necessary ingredients required for making this vegetarian pizza a success and there----you----are,,,,Freshly-made Homemade Vegetarian Pizza for your delight!
homemade vegetarian pizza(2)
Although it was just a few days ago when a friend of mine took me out for lunch and made me eat some delicious pizzas, I still saw myself becoming very impatient while preparing this particular one. Yes, I love pizza and I know you too!!! My soft spot for pizza will always remain where it is, if not possibly continue to sky-rocket.
Apart from the flour which is a rich source of carbohydrates, every other ingredients used for making vegetarian pizza are very healthy. Come to think of the fresh vegetables, olives, mushrooms and cheese----all these are excellent source of vitamins and nutrients to our body. When you think of a simple and perfect snack to relax with, or with friends and families, think of vegetarian pizzas and the taste of cheese in this pizza is just spot-on that you can't bet to deny.
I started by making my pizza dough which involves mixing and kneading the flour with salt, olive oil and salt to form a dough.
homemade vegetarian pizza(3)The dough is then rolled out on a kneading board before placing it in a pizza baking tray. Afterwards I cut all the required vegetables and for this particular pizza recipe, I used bell peppers, olives, onions and mushrooms. I also used a homemade masala sauce for the base and you can quote me anytime that this pizza actually came out perfectly superb.
homemade vegetarian pizza(4)
Jokes Apart, it turned out so well that the thought of it always makes me want to eat more! But alas'''' I need to control my intake for a healthier me!
Nonetheless, all the vegetables added in pizza makes it a very healthy snack as supported by some scientific studies that agree that eating pizza at least once in every week is capable of preventing colon cancer.
homemade vegetarian pizza(5)Pizza is always and will always remain every family's favorite and the interesting thing about pizza is that it is very easy to make that you can even indulge your kids to join you in the pizza making process. Kneading the dough is another fun way of keeping your kids busy in the kitchen as you can invite them to join you in the pizza making and they are always excited to partake in this task.
You can also tweak your ingredients and come up with your own version of pizza but not to fear as there are loads of pizza recipes and flavors out there. But do make sure that it comes out delicious and tantalizing, who knows I might pay you an unexpected visit next time you will be  making a pizza.


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