Yeah, that's right, my lahmacun turkish pizza is finally done :D and I'm not yet done feasting joyfully on it!!! This is just simply  an easy-to-make but yet a super delicious pizza you can ever think of. In fact, I think pizzas like this is something we all should be eating more frequently throughout the year and this is not just because it is pretty easy to make but just for the fact that it is equally nutritious and healthy. Comprising of all sorts of nutritious vegetables, meat and ingredients that are super needed by our body systems for day-to-day functioning, it is worth feasting on.

In a nutshell, lahmacun Turkish pizza is healthy, easy to make, cheap and super tantalising at any time, any day. If you have never had a feel of this yummy dish, then you are definitely missing out big time. No doubt that some of my fans might have not tried this Turkish pizza recipe before, so today I have for you some deliciously-made lahmacun turkish pizza that uses plain flour, vegetable oil, salt, ground beef, paprika, olive oil, yeast, black cumin, tomatoes, red pepper, onions, sweet green peppers and parsley. These ingredients turned out into a colourful and mouthwatering outcome that you can never resist. I found these lahmacun turkish pizza to be a healthy, hearty and satisfying way of spending a wonderful dinner and I think you too will follow suit.

lahmacun turkish pizza

This is one of my favorite pizza recipes and so I am already looking forward to making more in few days to come. This pizza certainly did not disappoint at all and peradventure this is your first time of ever hearing about this pizza, let me just briefly say that Lahmacun turkish pizza as the name suggests, is a savoury Turkish, Armenian and Middle Eastern snack prepared with loads of a ground meat and assorted vegetables before spreading the meat mixture over a thin bread dough crust. This is followed by popping the pizza into an oven for baking.

Lahmacun pizza looks similar to Italian pizza but has different taste. Besides, Lahmacun dough is quite thinner than that of an Italian pizza, cheese---less (without cheese), flavourful, spicy and the key ingredient is the minced or ground meat. This Turkish pizza is preferably paired with some freshly made salad but it can still be enjoyed in the absence of one. It is totally optional!!!

lahmacun turkish pizza

There is a good amount of ground beef and fresh vegetables in this pizza which is exactly how I like it and I am going to add more of these ingredients when next I make this delectable dish.
There is not a single drop of sugar in these pizzas but if you want your pizzas to be a lot more sweetened, I suggest you add just a little bit of sugar. In my own opinion, I think pizzas don't really need sugar to be honest but it is a FREE WORLD, so everyone is free to stick to what he or she enjoys. In fact, my dinner turned out simply wonderful by mere pinching slowing on these pizzas with a glass of wine.
lahmacun turkish pizza

I trust you will consider giving this recipe a try as the ingredients and flavour combination is just simply superb and mind blowing.
BTW, I’d love to know your thoughts about this recipe! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy this delicious lahmacun Turkish pizza!

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