Yeah, Time for some Turkish Lamb Pirzola!!!
Calling all the Meat Lovers all over the world!
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Turkish lamb pirzola is simply classical – just lamb chops gracefully tossed with ground black pepper, vegetable oil, salt, lemon and lime juice then barbequed to satisfaction - and some refreshing n’ nutritious barbequed tomatoes and long green peppers that are packed with several good things to complement the pirzolas.

Turkish pirzola lamb

I love Turkish lamb pirzola chops and these ones actually turned out the way I envisaged them to be. Most importantly, they were super easy and quickie to prepare and the Turkish lamb prizola recipe I have just shared below, couldn't have been any easier than this. The juiciness, soft texture and aromatic nature of these lamb pirzolas were just all over the place... In fact, my neighbour even popped in to find out what was roasting.

Sprinkling and drizzling all the easily available ingredients such as lemon juice, lime juice, vegetable oil, black pepper and salt to taste, created some wonderful lamb chops to devour to satisfaction. Enjoy with roasted long green peppers tomatoes.

Turkish pirzola lamb(1)

In case you have been longing to make some roasted lamb chops for some times now, I think this is just a perfect opportunity to do so. There is no doubt that you would certainly love this lamb pirzola and I bet you won't be disappointed! Besides, the recipe is the simplest, easiest and most tantalizing one you could ever think of.

While I was preparing these lamb pirzolas, it took me only 2 minutes to drizzle and sprinkle together all the ingredients I wanted to use. They never involved any messy or sticky activities and yet tasted absolutely heavenly! I will definitely make another Turkish lamb pirzola over and over and over again because it is superrrrrr yyyuuummmmiiilllliiiiccciiiioooouuuussss.

Turkish pirzola lamb(2)

The only downside to lamb pirzola is that you definitely have to eat it hot or warm once made, so as to enjoy all the benefits to the fullest. You can still eat it cold, that's okay; But that's not for me at all! It's more enjoyable and tastier when eaten warm or hot straight out from the oven.
Okay, let’s get straight down to the point!
I love Turkish lamb pirzola for several reasons; first and foremost is that (a) you can actually use those day-to-day ingredients you have readily available in your kitchen for the preparation.
(b) You can as well decide to omit either of the ingredients (sssshhhhh! don't just mention that I said so)
(c) You can chose to use any ingredient you deem right and the pirzola will still come out perfectly well.
Pirzolas are all rounders!!!
They are naturally tasty even without adding any ingredients but just the addition of one or more spices pair-up nicely to render some really wooowwwiiinnnggg taste to the meat. 

*It's Worth Give A Try* situation.

Turkish pirzola lamb(3)
If I may say, lamb is simply the meat of a domestic young sheep usually in its first year!

Lamb meat is usually more tender and sweeter than the meat from older sheep. Lamb pirzolas are usually prepared from lamb racks cut from lamb loins, lamb's shoulder or upper part of the lamb leg bones covered by a thin layer of fat and flesh.

Turkish pirzola lamb(4)

These delicious, bone-in barbeque of Turkish pirzola lamb chops are among the finest cuts of lamb that are unbelievably barbequed. They look tantalizing and above all, incredibly easy to prepare. Neatly trimmed lamb chops and cut from top quality lamb loins that are ideally suitable to satisfy your taste buds.

Watch this short clip on Turkish Pirzola preparation!!!

I hope you will gladly enjoy this special lamb chops and I urge you to give the recipe a try.

XOXO Blessing

pirzola lamb


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