Have you ever considered making some homemade chocolate chip cookies? If you have not, I honestly suggest you give them a try as you will never be disappointed! I have tried several recipes for homemade chocolate chip cookies over the years, where I used several baking ingredients such as plain flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, baking soda and salt etc but due to the festive season being around, I've got several other engagements that are anxiously seeking my attention. My tight schedules prompted me to use an already packaged chocolate chip cookie mix to get these cookies baked really quick.

Due to my tight schedules for the week, I wanted to do something a lot more easier and something with which I could really have that yummy chocolaty taste.

Before I proceed, here is a quick video on how to make chocolate chip cookies!!! 

The Result?

I am happy to announce that these cookies turned out very well and I really liked them ~ easy to bake, chewy, tasty and offers several options after baking either as a breakfast, midday snacks or after-meal dessert.

chocolate chip cookies

Interestingly, using the mix makes it a super-duper easy process which means you can get the cookies ready within 10 minutes ~ ~ ~ oooOOPPSS! What a quick and yet delicious way of baking up some cookies for breakfast or mid-day snacks.

For this recipe, I used the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and I can attest for sure that the cookie mix assuredly gave me a WINNING OUTCOME :D

chocolate chips cookies-5

These best homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies are among my recent baking successes which suggests why I am encouraging you right away to give the recipe a shot. If you are using the cookie mix, then the only ingredient you need is water to easily whip together some batches of chewy cookies that you can munch right away or store in an airtight container to roll out and bite later.

It really does not take any much time to mix and heap the dough onto an ungreased baking tray before popping into a preheated oven for a really good bake.


One thing I enjoy about baking cookies is spooning the dough and shaping them into nice shapes and personally, I don't really care about spending extra time in the kitchen shaping up these scoops of doughs into my desired shapes at least once in a while, especially when I am sure that the outcome is definitely going to be satisfying and captivating.

These tempting chocolate chip cookies are chewy inside and crispy outside, nutty, tender, soft, sweet but not exceedingly sweet, which is the main reason I enjoy every bits of these cookies. I love the mild chocolate flavor combined with the amazing flavour oozing out from the ingredients thus turning out to be an all-in-all brilliant inclusion to your cookie list.

chocolate chips cookies-2

Just take a good look at the pictures and see how drooling and salivating these chocolate chip cookies are!!! Let me just confide in you that I am proud of these delicious cookies and no doubt they are something you too can equally be proud of once you've  made them yourself.

So in a nutshell, I prompt you to DO IT YOURSELF!!! These cookies are pretty easy and quick to make as well as absolutely delicious and tempting to taste! Well, these cookies are equally a perfect way of enjoying the remaining days of the year to the fullest with your families and friends.

chocolate chips cookies-10

So peradventure you are aiming to try out some homemade chocolate chip cookies, I highly encourage you to grab your own ingredients, equipment and start baking asap for some awesome and delectable treats. Do give this recipe a try as the outcome is just assuring.

Please don't forget to share your opinion about this recipe in the comment section as every opinion counts!

Ciao from Blessing :D



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