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Permit me to say that there is relatively nothing so captivating than the aroma of goldenly baked Madeira cake oozing out straight from the kitchen oven. A special type of cake that is filled with goodness and baked to perfection for some delightful treat to anyone who cares to have it.

Going down the memory lane, growing up had always witnessed my sweet mummy coming home sometimes from the supermarket with some graciously packaged cakes that were somehow similar to the Madeira cakes. Although she barely bought these cakes quite often, being so health conscious, but I can assure you that my kid bro and I used to enjoy 'em to the fullest each time she brings the cakes home.

Sometimes one or more than one but I can tell you for sure that we were always excited to have these aromatic, tantalizing cakes sitting comfortably on the dinning table waiting for everyone who cares to have some really sweet treats. Then, my mom would always slice them up into pieces for some fair share for everyone around.... obviously, the cakes were not just for my younger bro and I but as well for mom, dad, those living with us and sometimes with friends that came visiting.


Although I would sometimes want to eat more than one slices of the cake at a time but being too health-cautious, mom would always place a cap. I don't know about you but I can personally tell you for sure that I love cakes! Yes, I do!!! I've said it before and I'm reiterating it again and again and again....

But come to think of it my friend, I still ponder why some people claim they don't like cake, this is definitely difficult to accept. Apparently, they haven't really tasted the best of cakes or possibly they are still waiting for the heavenly cakes baked straight out from the sky. Whatever, it's their choice! But my only suggestion is that you if you fall into the category of cake lovers like me, don't make eating cakes a constant habit.


Before I forge ahead to share the Madeira cake recipe with you, let me just quickly mention that the cake is commonly believed to have been introduced by the people of the Madeira Islands and named after the Madeira wine (Portuguese wine). This Portuguese wine appeared to be a popular wine in England during that period and the wine and the cake were often served together.

Even though I know that my own Madeira cake do not taste exactly like the traditional ones made by the Madeiras, yet it still came out pretty well and served the purpose of a delicious Madeira cake I envisaged for. Madeira cake is sort of similar to a yellow cake or pound cake. Madeira cakes can be eaten alone or paired with juice, drinks, tea etc, just take it the way you like it. I can tell you for sure that the Madeira cake recipe is a no brainer at all, all you need to do is just; make a list of all the necessary ingredients you need, get the ingredients ready and then the rest is as good as done.....

Just whisk the eggs until light and frothy, then add sifted flour, dissolved butter (not heated) and a teaspoonful of baking soda, maple syrup, mix the batter and then pour into the baking tin, all ready to go into the oven. I prefer using either maple syrup or honey as the sweetener because I am seriously cutting down my sugary intake and I hope you too. Once the cake batter is ready, then bake it for approximately one hour in a preheated oven until done and goldenly coloured.


It's been a while now since I had a Madeira cake and this is because I try to cut down on my caloric intake so they no longer feature regularly in my kitchen, but I am still passionate about all the great memories. Let me just confide in you that these great memories were the motivating factor behind this Madeira cake recipe.  Although I've been aiming to bake this Madeira cake for the past few weeks but for some flimsy reasons, I never got around to baking it until now.
Every time I take my time to bake cakes, I would always reflect on the good old days and would try to compare the similarities and differences in the taste. However, the truth is that any welly baked cakes are always superb regardless of who baked them or how they were baked... PERIOD!

Being one of my all favourite cakes, I decided to give this Madeira cake recipe a shot despite my tight schedules but thank goodness that the recipe is a no brainer at all!!! Even far easier than you would imagineAnyways, I hope this madeira cake recipe serves you well and looking at the recipe I've shared with you, you can attest for sure that it is not difficult at all. Interestingly, you can even throw in lemon rinds, cashew nuts, almonds etc into the batter for various tastes.

Sooooo in a nutshell, you can still make for yourself this mouthwatering madeira cake, as well as any of these three delectable cakes shown above. Interestingly, the recipes are attached on the images respectively..... Just go for what you like and I can assure you that you won't regret it at all. The cake is buttery, soft and tender with a hint of sweetness. Madeira cake is a perfect breakfast or tea time snacks indeed, never disappointing. So if you are looking for a quickie breakfast snacks, why not bake for yourself and family some Madeira cakes and then enjoy them all through the week or as you desire.

So I suppose that a complete breakfast comprises of a cup of cake and a slice of tea!!! Ooopss, Oh nooooo, I don't think that is right at all... Then a cup of tea and a slice of cake will do. A BRILLIANT COMBINATION INDEED!


Personally, I doubt if there is anything not to like about this combination. I can tell you for sure that this is a perfect British combination and makes up a perfect English breakfast or tea-time snackyyyy... I am always excited about the combination, and I am sure you too.

But whichever way anyone else feels about this cake and its combination, its totally up to you... To me it is a winner! This Madeira cake came out very yummilicious, delicious and tempting to eat. Very soft with a little touch of sweetness from the maple syrup. Iyke and I could even taste the maple syrup, but it wasn't too strong.


This Madeira cake is almost close to perfection because they came out of the oven looking tempting to eat, captivating and absolutely delightful. Flavourful and aromatic as every Madeira cake should be. Even with the addition of the maple syrup, this Madeira cake is actually not overly sweet-yyy.  The taste is quite mild and exactly fits my bill... But if you want an extra sweetness, I think a teaspoonful or two of caster sugar would be an excellent addition.

Give this Madeira cake recipe a try and don't forget to share your opinion in the comment box.
Loads of Love From Blessing

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