Spongy Cupcakes

Spongy Cupcakes

INGREDIENTS                                     EQUIPMENT
Self-Raising flour                               Baking Tins
Butter                                                    Whisker
Vanilla Flavour
Guess what I am having for saturday lunch dessert?!
Most times, some spongy cupcakes can find their way into my lunch especially when I am on the go.......
I know it's going to be a fantastic weekend and I strongly believe that these spongy cupcakes are part of some aromatic ways of ensuring an aromatic week ahead.
They are super easy to make and require simple ingredients that I always have in my kitchen cupboard. There are loads of vanilla flavor from the vanilla icing and glitter sprinkles.
Moreover, the fresh liquid milk with melted butter added tenderness, yummy flavor and the spongy nature.
Watch the video for a clearer guide before scrolling down for the recipe.

It is highly recommended to melt the butter before using. Honestly, the melted butter made everything just much easier.
Unlike some other spongy cupcakes I have eaten, these don't have excess sugar added in the mix which is absolutely perfect for me considering the fact that I am also promoting healthy eating style.
Whisking the necessary ingredients in accordance to requirements absolutely yields  fantastic spongy cupcakes.
They still taste very fantastic even without the excessive sugar, and it saves on spending so much on buying sugar. If you are desiring some mouth watering spongy cakes for munch, look no further and head straight to your kitchen. However, before heading to your kitchen, you need to confirm if you have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen otherwise head straight to the supermarket and make a quick buy.
Spongy cake is one of my favorite cakes, and it doesn't matter which kind. These yummy cupcakes therefore are no brainer for me.
Self raising flour, melted butter and vanilla icing are definitely one of the best cake combinations ever. I am always eager to make homemade spongy cupcakes anytime hence I ensure that I don't lack the necessary ingredients in my kitchen. Obviously, No Excuses..........
Next, I went for vanilla icing because of it's rich and velvety texture which, I must attest that I so love  dearly. It is very creamy, tasty, flavorful with fruity feeling which makes for a perfect topping.
Moreover, I needed something with a unique flavor so I decided that vanilla flavour sounds absolutely perfect. It added a hint of lashing flavour to the final cake without overpowering it.
The rich and velvety nature of the icing coupled with the spongy nature of the cake and the colourful glittering sprinkles on the spongy cupcakes made it a cake to remember for as long as you can think of.
Perfect spongy cupcakes are dense, spongy, moist, soft and very appetising. Once a cupcake is broken apart there should be presence of tiny air bubbles quite unlike muffins with large air bubbles. Cupcakes are also characterised by smooth texture and are super delicious.
Follow the simple steps outlined below and believe me, you won't be disappointed.


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