Chicken Wraps

Chicken Wraps

Ingredients                                                        Appliances
Plain Tortilla wraps                                       Grill
Tomato ketchup
Vegetables of choice
chicken wrap
Try this at home!
Do you know that you can choose to use freshly made chicken breast or leftover ones to make a qucik chicken wraps for summer outings and picnics?
I have created an exclusive recipe for delicious chicken wraps and I encourage you to give it a trial or share with us your own recipe here.
plain tortilla
From simple plain tortillas with a twist of assorted vegetables of choice is bound to assemble your delightful chicken wrap.
I understand that family days out can be quite expensive, that is where homemade chicken wraps can help you have a fantastic, low budget family day out.
Fresh vegetables are the best during the summer months and while summer is almost coming to an end, I suppose it is worthwhile enjoying it's last phase with tempting fresh veggies.
fresh veggies
Now is the time to assemble your fresh vegetables in a plain tortilla with chicken strips and enjoy every bit of it while it lasts.
Summer is almost over, but don't worry, you can still enjoy your chicken wraps at any time of the year.
The interesting  aspect of food, is that tasty dishes does not need to be so hectic to prepare hence the motive behind creating this simple recipe.
You can easily make these chicken wraps by filling each tortilla wrap with chicken strips, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and any vegetable of choice.
Try this at home and discover how excited you will see your kids assemble the chicken wrap themselves.
The secret tips:
#Avoid over planning or over budgeting for the ingredients as you can always use leftover chickens or veggies.
#Try and keep it very simple and focus more on the nutritional benefits from the vegetables.
#Enjoy it with any  Wine or soft drink of choice which does not necessarily have to be expensive.
So relax and enjoy Life!


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