Roasted Pointed Sweet Peppers With Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pointed Sweet Peppers With Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet pepper botanically known as Capsicum Annuum is a vegetable which originated from the tropical and subtropical regions of Central America. The pointed sweet pepper can be red, orange or yellow in appearance but the more common ones are the red sweet ones with an exceptional sweet flavour.
Sweet peppers can be used for various cuisines and for any dish depending on an individual's preference. The fresh ones are so savory, crispy and juicy and are often used as raw salad vegetable or as a healthy snack for both kids and adults.
This motivated me to come up with a quick recipe of roasting the sweet peppers and then garnishing it with pumpkin seeds which gives it a unique savory taste.
The pointed sweet pepper is also a perfect combination with fresh tomatoes when fried as stew or tomato sauce. The long and pointed shape of this pepper specie makes it very easy for stuffing other food contents or for grilling.
Sometimes we plan to host our friends and plan a barbecue only for it to rain. The goodnews is that you can still roast your sweet peppers with your kitchen oven. While still enjoying the last phase of summer, why not try out our pointed sweet recipe with friends and explore how easy it is to prepare it and most importantly, how savory and appetising it is to the taste bud.
cut pepper
Do you see how the peppers have been slit into halves which even looks better and easy to deseed? View it well because this is how you will make your own recipe very easy in real life. Just a little cut into halves is all it takes.
Deseeding the peppers, well not trying to be impressive or anything, is absolutely the best tip to making this snack super sweet. The seeds are slightly bitter thus removing them will ultimately give you the tantalising taste you so desire.
Once you have completed the task of deseeding and washing the peppers, then it is time to line them on a preheated  grill or oven.
Then allow to grill until the juicy water starts coming out.
The pointed sweet pepper snacks are savory-sweet with the tiniest hint of pumpkin seeds, thanks to the vegetable oil sprinkled on top which gives it an eye-catchy appearance. Well I know this sounds spooky, but it’s the recipe's staple which gives it a rich flavor.


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