Bread nuggets are one of my favourite breakfast treats although I just don’t get around making them quite regularly. Notwithstanding that there are loads of bread nuggets recipes out there, but this recipe is quite unique in the sense that I developed this recipe personally out of my creative mind. I can tell you for sure that this is one of the easiest and yummiest breakfast, mid-day or evening snacks you would always want to munch on :D

Okay, lets get started right away...

This recipe is another better way of using up your leftover bread (if that's what you have available) or freshly-baked bread,  for a winning outcome. Because I’ve never shared this recipe with my numerous fans before, so this morning I finally decided that am definitely going to give it a shot.

Yes, once you have a loaf of bread and few eggs readily available, then you are certainly sure of treating yourself with this amazing snacks. The ingredients are pretty so easy to throw together and it only takes them just some few minutes to come together for some ever mouthwatering, flavourful and super delicious bread nuggets with ketchup.

bread nuggets (1)

Yes, I finally happened to get my act together and paired up some batches of bread nuggets with ketchup to treat my household. Both the chunks of bread, eggs, salt, dehydrated grated cheese and paprika all came together in a jiffy and fried-up colourfully well for a perfect yummilicious fall breakfast. While I enjoy baking, there is ever a place in my heart that calls for already-baked food products and this is part of the reasons why I am using a loaf of bread I bought from the supermarket for this recipe.

The truth is that you can still go ahead and bake your own bread if that's what you want but in a situation whereby you don’t really have all it takes to bake bread, then just stick with the one you bought from shops. Once you have the bread ready, cut it up into small chunks, break the eggs into a clean bowl, add the paprika, salt and grated cheese then whisk all together. Then the mixture is now ready to accept :D the chunks of bread before being fried up for some really tantalizing bread nuggets.

bread nuggets with ketchup (2)

There is almost nothing better than some chunks of freshly fried homemade nuggets popping out of the frying pan or wok, still warm, aromatic and dipped in ketchup. The awesome ketchup flavour combines with the heavenly aroma still oozing out from the bread nuggets to produce the pleasure you so desire.

I do hope you will consider giving this bread nuggets recipe a try as the ingredients and flavour combination is just phenomenal.

Lastly, I’d love to know your thoughts once you’ve given this recipe a go! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy this snacks!

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