I love spinach shakshuka!!! Maybe you too!!!

Perhaps you are looking for an all encompassing meal, then I've got the recipe for you. Trust me, this square grill pan dish is easy, simple and nourishing with a captivating look.

It is pretty easy to fix, delicious, flaavoorffuull, nutritious and filled with countless options of ingredients ~ spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, spices, oil, pepper, egg and as many as you want. It is just made up of a winning combination!

spinach shakshuka-4

I think spinach is my favourite vegetable, it is just so nutritious, refreshing and palatable! I love it with tomatoes and I equally love it with mushrooms, so this meal pairs up all my favourite veggies into one pan for a fulfilling meal that whoever comes across it will enjoy dearly.

Meanwhile, here's a quick video on how to cook spinach shakshuka!!!


For this spinach shakshuka recipe, just throw all the vegetables into a slightly oily heated pan, allow them to simmer for few minutes then finalize by breaking the eggs into the vegetables and that's it.

Just serve the spinach shakshuka with some crisp almond cookies (Cantuccini alla mandorla), bread or any pastries of choice and lunch or dinner is ready. The crisp almond cookies are for dipping and you have a delectable dish for your delight.

One thing I love about this recipe is its flexibility because you can actually do whatever you want to do or whatever you like to throw into the pan ranging from leeks, shallot, spring onions, bell peppers etc and the dish is quite versatile. However, what makes a difference is the types of vegetables and spices that are going into the pan to form the final result.

spinach shakshuka

This dish finally turned into a really thick sauce but you can exclude the eggs if you want then add meat broth or water and make it more of a soup.

Honestly, it works either way and works brilliantly well simultaneously. Just feel free and let your imagination go wild and you will be amazed with the outcome.

Whatever reason it may be, I highly recommend preparing your own spinach shakshuka. I suppose it is quite better than the ones you get outside as you can confidently boast of all the ingredients that are flying into the pan.

spinach shakshuka-7

Besides, I can assure you that this recipe really couldn't have been any simpler but you can add up more nutritious veggies to make it more healthier ? ? ?

Cutting up all the vegetables is just a brilliant start to getting this dish ready within few minutes. Peradventure you are scared of spending extra time on cutting the vegetables, I suggest you cut them up at your free time and store them in the fridge so it will be a lot more easier for you when you are ready to do the cooking.

But honestly, I prefer cutting up mine the very moment I want to use them. I can't really pinpoint why my instinct always insists on doing this but that's me for you. Well, I can attribute it to my dear mother because I mirror her quite a lot and copied most of her characters.

Once all the vegetables have been cut, then the dish as good as ready and you won't be disappointed.

spinach shakshuka-8

Basically, this spinach shakshuka is just sautéed veggies & eggs in a yummilicious form. Those golden-colour looking eggs on top of the spinach were the perfect finishing touch and this spinach shakshuka was just superb to the extent that Iyke ate even the last bit ? ?

Trust me, I can't wait to make this palatable dish again with a combination of more assorted fresh vegetables.

Since Iyke and I enjoyed this dish so much and we extremely love tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms, so I will add more the next time. If you like this dish too, I highly recommend adding a few more vegetables than the ones listed in this recipe.

Loads of vegetables don't hurt either at all but this depends on how spacious your pan is. In that case, feel free to use either pot or saucepan ~ ~ ~ whichever one works.

spinach shakshuka-3

One word of advice though ~ use high quantities of veggies, eggs and spices if you are preparing the dish for many people. The dish is preferable if consumed immediately after preparation.

No leftovers at all!!! Let me rephrase this statement ~ Eat all the spinach shakshuka immediately!!!

This is because you want the vegetables to remain fresh and not overly-cooked as a result of reheating. Just adjust the vegetables according to the number of people eating the meal with you at the moment or do whatever that works best for you.

One Love ? Blessing



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