Here's a Quick Video on How to Cook Spinach Sauce with Plantains!!!

With the cloudy skies and dropping temperatures, I've been  busy hankering for cosy, delightful and nutritious meals. Yes, it's been a cloudy and cold day here and I couldn't have longed for any meal more drooling ? and comfy than the one you are just seeing right now :D

So if you are searching for a simple but yet delectable, elegant and nutritious meal, just relax cos I've got the recipe right here for you ? Spinach sauce with Plantains!

This dish is a no brainer and in all honesty, I can say that it is among my favourite dishes of all times! Meanwhile, kudos to my sweet mum for passing on this recipe to me!

I am of the opinion that meals should always be simple, tasty and healthy. Based on this notion, I can confidently say that this spinach sauce with plantains dish is pretty easy to fix, less time demanding, palatable and yet nutritious. Well, kudos to all the amazing ingredients it is made up of; plantains, spinach, tomato, okra, pepper, palm oil, salt and knorr stock cube, which is the main icing on the cake that really boosted the flavour.

Even though I didn't use multiple spices for this sauce, yet the knorr cube did brilliantly well in flavouring up the sauce and making it taste real good. Can I tell you what I do refer knorr cube to as? ONE MAN SQUAD!!!

Yes it is, in the sense that you can use only it to spice up any food and be rest assured that the meal will still taste real good, delicious and aromatic.

Spinach sauce with plantains-4

Trust me, this spinach sauce with plantains dish is a winning combination of the right ingredients and I can say for sure that it is SUPER palatable. I love spinach to bits and I can use spinach in virtually every meal; yam, potatoes, chicken, fish, soup, beans, stew ~ ~ ~ name them. Spinach truly complements any dish you can think of, even in worst case scenarios, you can just juice 'em up for smoothies or use 'em as side dish.

I've prepared this dish a couple of times now and have realized that spinach is just a perfect pair for it so I usually add extra. If you like spinach too, I inspire you to add one or two extra bunches more than the 2 bunches this recipe called for. It is very nutritious, healthy and packed with loads of minerals and vitamins that are essential for the healthy functioning of our bodies. A few extra bunches of spinach won't hurt either, inasmuch as you have enough room in your pot then you are good to go.

Spinach sauce with plantains-5

I doubt if anyone dislikes spinach, but apart from spinach, what about plantain? I love plantain so much and maybe you too. But peradventure you haven't seen or eaten plantain for the first time, then you are missing out big time. Just hurry down to any nearby African shop, grab some plantains and try them out yourself.

There are several amazing plantain recipes out there, ranging from the one you are seeing right now to fried plantains (kelewele), krakro (plantain balls), plantain muffins, beans and plantains etc. Just give any of these plantain recipes a try and no doubt you will make plantain dishes a regular. So you can now agree with me that this dish combines all of my key ingredients to yield a fantastic meal that everyone will enjoy.

Spinach sauce with plantains-6

Preparing this spinach sauce is pretty easy ~ just wash up the spinach properly to get rid of dirts then pop them in a pot. Slice up the tomato, onion, okro and pepper and add them in the same pot with the spinach. Add a pinch of salt and knorr cube then place over low heat and simmer for 3 minutes. 

Bring down from heat, pour the vegetables in a mortar and use a pestle to gently mash them up. At this stage, you can then add the palm oil and stir together and you have a palatable spinach sauce for yourself, family and friends. Meanwhile, while preparing the sauce, you can cook the plantains and get them ready for the sauce.

Honestly, this dish perfectly fits the bill and makes an ideal brunch, lunch or dinner. It couldn't have been any simpler and you are assured of getting this meal fixed within 10 mins. Even though this recipe may not be your traditional way of preparing this kind of dish, but I encourage you to give it a try. There is always an innermost joy in trying out new things ;-)

Spinach sauce with plantains-3

But hang on, you are not obligated to strictly follow this recipe since it is quite easy to pair up things based on what you readily have available or depending on your delights.

So just use up your favourite vegetables, spices and herbs for the sauce. Furthermore, you can substitute the palm oil with sunflower oil and the plantains with potatoes or yam. Just go for what you have available and no doubt you will enjoy the dish. You won't be disappointed after all.

One Love ? Blessing



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