Watch this video recipe of ripe plantain tostones!


Intended Recipe Diversion!
With these three keywords stated above, you probably might be asking ....... mmmmmmm, what is she talking about? What message is Blessing trying to convey?
Well, the truth is that I had it in mind to make some tostones but ended up with these my own version of tostones...winks....
Now, some people might wonder what tostones are? Tostones are simply raw green plantains that are fried twice.
What went wrong with this recipe then? I bought some green unripe plantains to make some tostones, but unfortunately, the plantains got ripen overnight so fast that I was so surprised as to what actually happened. Being as persistent as I am, I thought to myself that irrespective of the fact that these plantains got ripen so fast, that I will still go ahead and accomplish what I initially set out to do but in my own way. As a result, I tweaked the original tostones recipe and came up with these ones. And I must confess to you upfront that the outcome was just amazing. This is one thing I love about cooking - that sense of creativity and the ability to come up with something new and fantastic! That ability for one to just let his or her imagination run wild is just second to none.
So I am super excited to introduce my ripe plantain version of tostones to you! And I hope you will enjoy the recipe once you give it a shot.
I've always liked plantains, be it ripe or unripe. Either one is fantastically okay for me. Currently, these ripe plantain tostones have joined my long list of favourites. Honestly, I am seriously loving them. I can assure you that you have discovered an amazing recipe if you are looking for some kind of breakfast or snack idea that is easy to whip together using only three ingredients - plantains, salt and oil. Inclusive of water though, just to boil the plantains. These ripe fried plantains taste really good and the recipe is such an easy on. No complexities at all. I also love the fact that you can press the plantains with even a tin-tomato container, a cup or even the back of a turning stick. These fried plantains can be eaten alone with sauce or salsa. They can also be paired with any main meal of choice such as boiled beans, refried beans, jollof rice etc. But I served these ones with some freshly made tomato sauce, which I prepared by sauteing onions with some sliced fresh tomatoes and some aromatic spices. They are a perfect combination and a fantastic breakfast or brunch for you and your family.
The texture of these plantains look a little bit different from the original tostones but that's nothing to worry about. I really like this tostone version of mine, but if you prefer to stick with the original tostones recipe, go ahead and get some raw unripe plantains, peel and cut them into small pieces, fry them, scoop them out of the oil, use an object with a flat surface to press on each of the plantains then refry the plantains again to yield for you some delicious tostones. Hopefully, when next I come across some unripe plantains, I will make the recipe for you to follow through easily.
Just a gentle reminder - when frying the plantains, don't fry them too long that they begin to dry out. Once they are golden colour in appearance, they are good enough to come out of the oil. The plantain flavour truly radiates through in these fried plantains, which is simply amazing. I observed that the way I made these tostones actually made them a bit chewy and slightly crispy, which is exactly how I like it. Besides, if you're into excluding salt from your diet, these tostones are perfect for you; simply skip the salt completely and the plantains will still taste lovely. Enjoy and remember to stay safe!


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