What a beautiful day!!! Do you need some quick snacks for the day? I did! Some plantain chips, all fried up so crispy for my delight.
Yep, that's right, I'm not done with plantains yet. On a more serious note, I think plantain is a special fruit we should be eating more frequently throughout the year. Plantain is healthy, affordable, and easy to incorporate into diverse recipes. So sweet, delightful and savoury.
Today, permit me to present to you a plantain recipe that simply requires only frying oil and salt (optional). A recipe that can also be lightly flavoured with any of those flavourful or hot spices for a little aroma. But I personally prefer plain plantain chips without additional spices. Just add a wee bit of salt, and you got me satisfied. I found these crispy plantain chips to be a fantastic way of whiling away my time on a free day, especially with the COVID-19 quarantine. It is a hearty and relaxing way and I think you too will concur with me.

Watch this video on how to fry plantain chips!


Made with 100% raw plantains, these plantain chips live up to my expectations. Some plantains, simply sliced up, fried up in hot oil for crispness. Everything about this recipe came together at the right time to render these colourful plantain chips to me. While still locked indoors as a result of the lockdown, I have no doubts that these cutie plantain chips are going to help me get through this period. Having these yummy chips to look forward to mid-day is going to be the perfect way of spending my day. This plantain chips recipe is pretty easy to fix and the ingredients are affordable. Frying up, these plantain chips smelled amazing! But you can add a bit of chilli pepper or any spices of choice to add more flavour. Each chip is crispy and light. Perfect on its own, and snacks are served.


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