Until not so long ago, I'd never heard of the instant pot, but the moment I did and conducted my research on it, I knew I had to try it out. If you know me well, then you probably might have picked up that I love multitasking and doing things pretty fast. Since an instant pot can offer me the privilege to multitask while cooking, as well as cook my meals pretty faster, then owning one is a no-brainer. In fact, how could I not? In case you are wondering, the instant pot is a multifunctional pot that has several cooking programs, thereby allowing you to cook assorted types of dishes with it. 

Before you read further, Watch this video on how to cook beans and potatoes with an instant pot!


But don't get it twisted! Even if you don't own an instant pot, you can still cook this delicious beans and potatoes dish with your regular pot and cooker. But if you own an instant pot, just go ahead and try this instant pot beans and potatoes recipe. You will surely be glad you did. Since I wanted something simple but highly nutritious, this recipe came to the rescue. Promising, delicious, nutritious, affordable ingredients without special add-ins. So I just paired them up all together in a few minutes and lunch was served. Yes, this dish was really easy to prepare, and it was ready to feast on in less than an hour, which is a win-win for me. The dish came out so colourful because I cooked it with the "mixed sweet pepper, bell pepper" pulp and juice, which I'd already prepared and frozen ahead of time. You can check out how to make the bell peppers and sweet peppers juice for cooking here
This approach makes it pretty easy and handy for me once I'm cooking any meal that requires some sort of colouration. Both the peppers' juice and pulp added lovely colour to this dish thereby leading to a beautiful, palatable and nutritious outcome. Besides, the dish cooked up so fast, of which I am so happy about.

Let me also highlight that the purpose of pre-cooking the beans and getting rid of the initial "cooking-water" is to reduce the acidity in the beans. Peradventure you are unaware, due to the high fibre content of beans, they can cause bloating in sensitive people who are not used to eating a lot of fibre. Yes, some people complain of bloatedness after eating beans, however, this method of cooking helps to minimize the tendency of being bloated as a result of beans consumption. Watch the video in this post to learn more on how to pre-cook beans so as to avoid bloating. I don't feel bloated as a result of beans consumption but I went the extra mile to reveal this tip so that you can benefit from it if you are in dire need of a solution for this issue. Long story short, at the end of it all, this instant pot beans and potatoes dish came out so yummy and fulfilling, which is what really matters. So expect lots of different instant pot beans dishes from this blog, this is just the beginning. N:B - The Instant pot cook time does not include the heat up or release times.


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