These past few days have trapped me eating more vegetables and I can attest for sure that I am super satisfied about it. Until recently I have never tried only sauteed green beans... I've always eaten my green beans paired with other dishes such as salads etc and I do like them quite a lot.

Green beans are usually not too flavorful on their own except when spiced up with flavourful spices or combined with other main dishes. But most interestingly, you can use green beans to garnish quite some varieties of dishes. I bought some green beans yesterday because I wanted to use them to garnish the salad I made for my friend's party.

But the remaining ones I have left out, I decided to turn them into something simple but yet flavourful, so I converted them into some spicy sauteed green beans.


Green beans are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin B-6, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and high-fiber. Green bean is also a protein-rich legume that cook quite easily and quickly without any need for pre-cooking or anything of sort.

There are different varieties of green beans ranging from fine beans, Haricots verts, French filet beans, French beans, string beans and French green beans. Some kinds of green beans tend to be more softer, crispier, some are longer, tender and even thinner than others. I enjoy green beans especially when they remain firm but softer after cooking or steaming and I enjoy every taste of it. In case you've never tried green beans alone before, just head straight to the farmers market and grab some packs of green beans and give it a try.

You definitely have no reason not to give this spicy sauteed green beans recipe a try as it is very easy, simple, crispy and also super healthy. Basically, throw the green beans, cooking oil and the spices all together in a saucepan and let them all fry-up for few minutes and your side-dish is served.

This recipe uses dried parsley leaves, dried chives leaves, vegetable oil, ground black pepper and salt to taste, but you can actually do whatever you want to do and however you like the side-dish best. It's just an all-rounder and worth giving a try.


Fresh green beans spiced up deliciously to make a delicious snack that is definitely able to liven-up your taste-bud. Green beans, botanically known as Phaseolus vulgaris are enjoyed all over the world for different cuisines. Apart from stir-frying, green beans can also be steamed, cooked, boiled, baked or used for preparing casserole soup.

The only future thing I might consider doing differently for this recipe is to pair up the green beans with green leafy vegetables to boost the nutritive content. Apart from this, I doubt if I'd change any other thing. This spicy sauteed green beans is such a recipe that I will be visiting back over again. The distinctive feature about green beans from every other varieties of beans species is that they are reaped and eaten with their pods. Interestingly, their pods are very soft and with tender texture that makes them worth easy to consume.

Always go for the  firm, bright-greenish coloured and fresher green beans without signs of damages or decay.
I hope you will enjoy this green beans recipe as you give it a try.

Blessing :-D


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