Fried Bean Cakes (Akara)

Fried Bean Cakes (Akara)

Hi everyone,
I've been so keen on showcasing my cooking talents  with my food sensors moving  in the direction of preparing fried bean cakes known as Akara by the Western part of Africa. I strictly thrive for food at both the local and professional levels. The  spiciest  and freshest food to a larger extent, without reasonable doubt will cause my taste glands to soar, but there is absolutely spectacular feature about this special beans recipe that makes me go WAAAOOOOOHHHHH! 
Before I start discussing the steps behind this recipe, let me briefly refreshen our brains on the health benefits of beans.
The word bean originally known as the seed of the broad or fava bean is a leguminous plant. Beans are rich in fiber, protein, iron, folate and soluble fiber hence can greatly help to lower blood cholesterol and maintenance of the body.
Studies suggest that foods rich in protein such as beans, can act as the building blocks of enzymes and vitamins for human body, hence necessitates a regular intake of protein foods.
Fried bean cakes are super delicious snacks that are absolutely mouth-watering and yummy yummmyyyyy....

You can sure quote me anytime, anywhere that these fried bean cakes are very YUMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The steps behind peeling the beans, to grinding and frying can appear a little bit hard for some people but once you try it once, the next time will be easy for you.
Simply submerge the beans you intend to use in water, ensuring that the water level is above the beans and allow to soak for at least 10mins
Most people might wonder if it is really necessary to soak the beans for so long in water........ But believe me, soaking the beans in water will allow the skin to peel so easily and also allows the beans to soften. Once the beans has soaked, decant water and peel the back. For peeling the skin, I prefer using a mortar to slightly mash the beans so the skins can separate from the beans.
Then afterwards, pour in water and decant the skin from the beans leaving the beans clean and ready to grind......................
Once the beans have been properly cleaned, add fresh red pepper and onions then blend to form paste.
At this point, the beans paste is ready to be fried. Use a deep cooking spoon to scoop the beans paste into a deep frier to fry.
This comes out as beans balls, all Yuuuuummmmmyyyyy and tantalising.
I hope you will enjoy our recipe, however feel free to submit your own recipe here.


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