Cheesy baked potato cakes (1)

Yesterday, I was thinking of what to bake to have on hand for a quick weekdays breakfasts. I wanted to use flour to bake some cookies but realized that I'd used up the last portion in my cupboard without replacing it. I was so reluctant to go to the supermarket because I had so much to attend to and wouldn't want to start the week without any quickie snacks. I searched around my kitchen for an alternative and luckily came up with some Irish potatoes.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (2)There are so many recipes for Irish potatoes but I knew I wanted some bakes. Well, I decided to make some cheesy baked potato cakes. Yes, I decided to just go for it and I am happy that at the end I settled for this recipe because it sure accomplished my aim satisfactorily. The potatoes, cheese and other ingredients paired perfectly well together to form some appetizing cakes that are flavorsome.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (3)Potatoes for sure, are perfect breakfast because they are an excellent source of carbohydrates and energy, which are the power house of the body. Because they are starchy, they supply energy to the body as well as kick-start our body for the daily activities.  Potatoes are tuberous, starchy crop botanically known as Solanum tuberosum L.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (4)Potatoes are perennial nightshade edible tubers that contain loads of minerals, iron, phytochemicals and vitamins. They are an excellent source of riboflavin, vitamin B6, magnesium, crypto-chlorogenic acid, carotenoids, zinc, neo-chlorogenic acid,  4-dicaffeoylquinic, phenols, potassium, thiamin, folate, niacin and phosphorus.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (5)Few addition of brown sugar for sweetness, butter, milk, black peppercorn and eggs for some flavors and softness and they baked up soft and nice; exactly the way I expected them to be. Absolutely, they turned out to be that simple, easy but yet delicious breakfast that I can feel comfortable to pop in the microwave very early in the morning and heat up on those busy weekday mornings.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (6)

Once you have combined all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, remember to grease the baking pan with some butter to prevent the cakes from getting stuck to the pan after baking.Baking_pan

Cheesy baked potato cakes (7)

Cheesy baked potato cakes (8)

I have been eyeing this recipe for sometimes now but for some reasons, I hadn't got around to making it. But thank goodness that at last, I did it. My husband barely likes eating potatoes but this particular recipe is an exception for him. He gladly ate the cakes and even asked for more. {Winks}.

Honestly, the potato cakes came out very well....super colourful, hearty and deliciouuuuussssss!

Cheesy baked potato cakes (9)

Topping up the potatoes with some cheese is just the icing on the cake and super spot on. In fact you can never go wrong with it. The cheese is just a perfect pair for the potatoes.

Cheesy baked potato cakes (10)

Once you've popped the potatoes into the oven at 150-200 oC or depending on your oven's temperature, allow the potatoes to bake until golden brown in colour. Do pierce the center of the potato cakes with a skewer to ensure they are properly baked before bringing out from the oven.Cheesy baked potato cakes (11)

So you can see why this dish is a super winner one for breakfast. Interestingly, one can even use leftover mashed potatoes in the absence of raw potatoes but whichever one you decide to go for, usually comes out very delicious.

Let's I forget, "I hope you don't skip breakfasts, because they are the most important meals of the day". What really interests me about this cake is that even beginners can bake it and it is also very cheap to come-by. "Just keep it as simple as simpler"

Cheesy baked potato cakes (12)

Enjoy some bites!


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